Oct 23, 2020
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  • Ghost buster

    Gustavo Garcia RodriguezGustavo Garcia Rodriguez2 hours ago
  • I wonder who was the ghost with the pogo stick.......must be a very nice guy

    BD BenBD Ben5 hours ago
  • I was one of the ghost to and it was so funny I hit u once

    Dongok KimDongok Kim20 hours ago
  • good job ('\ \

    Arden TimpeArden Timpe21 hour ago
  • s s s s s s s s

    Arden TimpeArden Timpe21 hour ago
  • 12:41 we damn deeeed it looool

    NerxyGamerNerxyGamerDay ago
  • “they’re coming quick dude” that one ghost: jumping around in his pogo

    Frank OceanFrank OceanDay ago
    • You literally copied and pasted another comment

      Bendy theboiBendy theboi21 hour ago
  • Wait he got a world record of kills

    Peter BuiPeter BuiDay ago
  • Whats up All the comments: WHAtttttt?.,!

    Dasher RickieDasher RickieDay ago
  • 6:28 my mind: YEET

    Gerad BroughGerad Brough2 days ago
  • Veg

    Christian SwampillaiChristian Swampillai2 days ago
  • me: trying to kill iron man dies 56 times 1:10 fresh does it in a snap

    Alysta HudsonAlysta Hudson2 days ago
  • who's going to count how many times Fresh said "Impossible!"

    Doggotaco55Doggotaco553 days ago
  • Rather have a blue burst or green ar?

    yanmei luyanmei lu3 days ago
  • The bottom right chat dude was hilaripus

    Oz CryptoOz Crypto3 days ago
  • Me: just struggling to a ghost. Fresh: how about 100 ghosts try and fight me

    George ToriGeorge Tori4 days ago
  • They are actually called shadows

    Gabriela OsunaGabriela Osuna4 days ago
  • Now we are playing call of duty!

    Viviana BurgosViviana Burgos5 days ago
  • The ghosts is called shadows

    Ayden RobyAyden Roby5 days ago
  • What’s a storm Surge

    Capt BoiCapt Boi5 days ago
  • Taake the iron Man mythic bro you could have did better I Mad😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠!!!!

    Tasha ThomasTasha Thomas5 days ago
  • I remember in a game I took down 30 of the ghost and won the game

    •Gacha_ 0RE0••Gacha_ 0RE0•6 days ago
  • 7:26

    Rayhan HussainRayhan Hussain6 days ago
  • MAN That Looks AWESOME

    Lucas PlayzRBLXLucas PlayzRBLX7 days ago
  • Only people who were ghosts can like this video

    Richtrumpster BRichtrumpster B7 days ago
  • Didn’t nick eh 30 do this

    Lourdess LopezLourdess Lopez8 days ago
  • We deed it!

    Mrpeter CaverlyMrpeter Caverly8 days ago
  • Killing ghosts is poggers

    Krissi ThompsonKrissi Thompson8 days ago
  • shadows

    Marvel FactsMarvel Facts10 days ago
  • holy

    Amadeus Bennett Andu 3B no 02Amadeus Bennett Andu 3B no 0210 days ago
  • Doom eternal be like

    It’s Ryan Diaz 2.0It’s Ryan Diaz 2.011 days ago
  • I was 100,000 th! When I clicked it went from 99k to 100k :)

    Thomas VicenteThomas Vicente15 days ago
  • jackson5

    Bust FreezeBust Freeze15 days ago
  • Ghost buster fresh.

    John O'NeilJohn O'Neil16 days ago
  • I was last ghost I nearly killed him dam it

    platinum knightplatinum knight18 days ago
  • Hope you guys enjoy I always enjoy

    lorrie elliottlorrie elliott19 days ago
  • that just prom that your trash when you put 15 box's

    urielissmart gaming tipsurielissmart gaming tips19 days ago
  • U said 25 on wood 25 on brick and 25 on metal and were is the 8 more people

    Julian GarciaJulian Garcia19 days ago
  • 2:43 Fresh: All of them just died to Surge Me: Ah sh**, here we go again.

    Dante UzosikeDante Uzosike21 day ago
  • Lets go freshy

    mr mellowmr mellow21 day ago
  • Impossible Edit: I watched the end, hacker

    Jon ReesJon Rees21 day ago
  • He dem did it

    Jayree JoeJayree Joe21 day ago
  • OMG this like call of duty zombies

    Angel GutierrezAngel Gutierrez21 day ago
  • Ghosts: fite me m9 Ill rek u

    K!ИG CHAЯM!ИGK!ИG CHAЯM!ИG22 days ago
  • its like dreams manhunt

    Adam IveyAdam Ivey22 days ago
  • Hey fresh im a big fan so is everyone Please notice idk if you will try this game Its called VALORANT umm its pretty good? And i suggest you yo play jett but atleast pls notice🥺😅😅

    Blanche Margarette PanganibanBlanche Margarette Panganiban23 days ago
  • Fresh is to hard how do u kill all

    Mohamed ZiyadMohamed Ziyad24 days ago
  • Are we not gonna talk about that voice crack 9:55

    Cade PlayzCade Playz24 days ago
  • The whole video fresh is saying oh my gosh

    Yeet NameYeet Name24 days ago
  • Iron man is in irony

    dreemurr phoenixdreemurr phoenix24 days ago
  • i was the one who was pogosticking

    Max MartinezMax Martinez24 days ago
  • Fresh: I haven’t been hit yet A shadow: we’ll see about that Fresh:what do you mean Shadow: Laughs hysterically Fresh pumps him for 200 damage and killing his friends Shadow:😐

    Animation EpicAnimation Epic24 days ago
  • fortnite literly copy and pasted COD and Apex but ok

    Caleb TuggleCaleb Tuggle25 days ago
  • Bots

    mastergamer 808mastergamer 80825 days ago
  • Just use a chopper or skybase

    joe_is_da_brojoe_is_da_bro25 days ago
  • Man that looks hard

    Hashem NaderHashem Nader26 days ago
  • Lazr beme has 90 kills

    James HinojosaJames Hinojosa28 days ago
  • The music sounds like Stranger Things

    Lil SpiderManLil SpiderMan28 days ago
  • Uh

    Nathaniel GarciaNathaniel Garcia28 days ago
  • Hi

    Brecken PalaiaBrecken Palaia29 days ago
  • You beat the world record on kills,sway got 69 you got 70+

    hiey1231hiey123129 days ago
  • why did people hate this it is so awesome

    hotpoketcat 347hotpoketcat 34729 days ago
  • I love you continue the good work tou are the best

    Faze pipis 08Faze pipis 0829 days ago
  • This is how many times fresh said oh my gosh 👇

    Esor ChiduyeEsor Chiduye29 days ago
  • fresh your allot Bender then ninja

    Yt squadYt squadMonth ago
  • Fresh u need she hulk fist

    L.O.E clapgodL.O.E clapgodMonth ago
  • Even typical gamer can’t do this Shout out to fresh for a great game

  • Fresh: I HIT THREE Me: I hit one for 0

    Brendan MullaneyBrendan MullaneyMonth ago
  • fresh is the best fortnite player Like if you agree

    KVNG FMM17KVNG FMM17Month ago
  • When he means 100 ghosts it really means 99 ghosts because it can’t be more then 100 players in a match

    Alan animationsAlan animationsMonth ago

    Keiyon AaronKeiyon AaronMonth ago
  • I’m beside loser fruit

    Will CallawayWill CallawayMonth ago
  • This video is worse then my poooppoooo

    Aj the og duckAj the og duckMonth ago
  • i like how the ghost just appeared out of nowhere lol

    jayden stewartjayden stewartMonth ago
  • And also the tactical smg is super good at killing ghosts and wolverine so you know

    Carlos HerreraCarlos HerreraMonth ago
  • The title of the video should be “fresh vs 99 ghosts” Don’t ya think

    Carlos HerreraCarlos HerreraMonth ago
  • I mad a youth canoe

    The Orizal's Orizal-LuceThe Orizal's Orizal-LuceMonth ago
  • No 99 Ghost

    Noogie YTNoogie YTMonth ago
  • If cod zombies were on steroids

    active dragonactive dragonMonth ago
  • He said I’m gonna need the iron man powers and then he kills him then he doesn’t even take the powers

    DancinCookiesDancinCookiesMonth ago
    • i no right

      fbiboyfbiboyMonth ago
  • 99 ghosts

    DancinCookiesDancinCookiesMonth ago
  • You mean 99 ghost

    shadowkillerkylo kyloshadowkillerkylo kyloMonth ago
  • 100 ghost is not possible, 99 is tho. I hate all the new ytrs I miss all the old ones.

    Kisame Of The MistKisame Of The MistMonth ago
  • Well 99

    Derrick RobertsDerrick RobertsMonth ago
  • Go fresh go fresh go fresh

    David JalifeDavid JalifeMonth ago
  • You suck, Bugha is better.

    Esteban TrujilloEsteban TrujilloMonth ago
  • Zombie apocalypse

  • Why did you put them in boxes

    Emma VincentEmma VincentMonth ago
  • You cheating

  • There called shadow ghost lol u good

    Eazy DubsEazy DubsMonth ago
  • this would had more views if he'd kill all of them at once

    hyena boyhyena boyMonth ago
  • I mean ... respect fresh, the awesome fortnite player. And second thing respect him for the great content

    Bacon Burger5s other channelBacon Burger5s other channelMonth ago
  • I love your streams and vids :3

    xB GamingxxB GamingxMonth ago
  • 11.28 That banana is so hiden :)

    Razvan VoicilaRazvan VoicilaMonth ago
    • 11:28

      Razvan VoicilaRazvan VoicilaMonth ago
  • Oh freak

    Cameron GimpelCameron GimpelMonth ago
  • I followed you on the tiky toky

    Camden HartzellCamden HartzellMonth ago
  • Hi

    TraceyAJ ChevrierTraceyAJ ChevrierMonth ago
  • So perfect

    Cliff MurisonCliff MurisonMonth ago
  • I think it’s possible if you have five p90s

    Sophie CliveSophie CliveMonth ago
  • I don’t know what a storm surge is

    Guvonator VlogesGuvonator VlogesMonth ago