2020 iPad Pro Review: It's... A Computer?!

Mar 24, 2020
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The iPad Pro refresh is impressive. But does it answer the question?
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  • Hi, Love your reviews. I have two questions about iPad pro since I would like to replace my MacBook Pro? Can I back up my iPhone to iPad Pro? Can I Back up the iPad Pro to external drive without the a computer like time machine?

    Suman TharmarajahSuman TharmarajahHour ago
  • Try the lybra keyboard

    Cat OllieCat Ollie2 hours ago
  • fire intro

    shawn beltonshawn belton5 hours ago
  • Does the OS still update thru a computer?

    Anti HeroAnti Hero7 hours ago
  • Can we draw 3d models on ipad pro

    Suresh SuryawanshiSuresh Suryawanshi9 hours ago
  • this tablet is awesome but the camera is usless

    Erum EjazErum Ejaz17 hours ago
  • Hi

    C jay C jayC jay C jay23 hours ago
  • Watching ipad pro 2020 review from my iphone 5s. Why do i do this?

    MSKMSKDay ago
  • My password Tenny1234

    tennyson Caserotennyson CaseroDay ago
  • Main password haskie1234

    tennyson Caserotennyson CaseroDay ago
  • Those video calls are not occasional any more...

    Guruansh Singh KohliGuruansh Singh KohliDay ago
  • I completely agree about the camera part. Sucks that they don’t have portrait mode on the selfie side. I think I’m leaning more towards the older iPad Pro then.

    LoveLeighLookLoveLeighLookDay ago
  • 2020 ipad pro, is it a computer? No... its a money eatting machine

    Dobby JaiDobby Jai2 days ago
  • Wish I have that too for my digital art my cellphone is small and my fingers are to big and I want an iPad for my online class

    stacey ojstacey oj2 days ago
  • Considered getting my first ipad this year

    Mr. Perfect God CellMr. Perfect God Cell2 days ago
  • The time on the thumbnail is 420 😏

    AnmatjiereAnmatjiere2 days ago
  • *what does he say in the intro?? “Hey guys it’s ___”?? It’s driving me mad*

    Manny LemusManny Lemus2 days ago
  • Lol not going to give up your laptop because you don't have to choose between that or rent.. 🤣😭

    Kyle O'BrienKyle O'Brien2 days ago
  • 4:29 Yeah, I'm THAT guy!

    ToddTodd3 days ago
  • 8:19 magnet paper will never not be mesmerising

    RaihanHARaihanHA3 days ago
  • It’s a gint iPhone 11😂

    jaden the_k9jaden the_k93 days ago
  • I heard Apple will release updated version of iPad Pro later this year . Is that true ? Or shall I go ahead and buy this one right now !

    Charan punjCharan punj3 days ago
  • I heard Apple will release updated version of iPad Pro later this year . Is that true ? Or shall I go ahead and buy this one right now !

    Charan punjCharan punj3 days ago
  • That kid made me rethink all life choices when he said “what’s a computer”

    Landon JinesLandon Jines3 days ago
  • I need ipad pro....😭

  • Giveaway....?

  • Getting mine today, I'm excited since it's my first ever iPad :3

    LunaLuna3 days ago
    • Same

      Sam DonelanSam Donelan3 days ago
  • if Steve jobs alive today he would definitely not allow cellular model of ipads...

    ShankarShankar3 days ago
  • If you jailbreak it, it turns into FREAKING MAC

    Johnny ChouJohnny Chou3 days ago
  • what kind of modem does this come with in the cellular version? If it's intel it's a NO from me.

    khyoon14khyoon143 days ago
  • Imagine getting this from Christmas

    Ayad KovliAyad Kovli3 days ago
  • Hi

    Toby WilkToby Wilk4 days ago
    • Toby Wilk hi

      Clutch FNClutch FN4 days ago
  • Hey @mkbhd will you ever give your reactions and thoughts on Microsoft HoloLens / leap motion North Star / Focals by North...??

    Sriram VenkiteswaranSriram Venkiteswaran4 days ago
  • Remember when this channel only had a few hundred k subs then 1million it grew so much

    It’s ShamburgerIt’s Shamburger4 days ago

    Ezra Farsya FakhrizalEzra Farsya Fakhrizal4 days ago

  • A lot of people use ipad for pro photography.

    Frode SkibrekFrode Skibrek4 days ago
  • I wish this works on window otherwise this will be a big con for me...

    Louis MLouis M5 days ago
  • The fact that he unboxes the iPad like it’s a bag of chips. I’m like: 👁👄👁

    Top 10 GreeceTop 10 Greece5 days ago
  • I wish you did a giveaway, is that possible?

    Top 10 GreeceTop 10 Greece5 days ago
  • It's a computer except its not 😂😂😂 if we want the family to use with their account, we can't. Oh wait we can as long as we buy a new one.

    Marco ChapitaMarco Chapita5 days ago
  • Isn’t the lidar scanner good for and engineering and architecture courses?

    Ace of Spades 09Ace of Spades 095 days ago
  • i love your videos they are so helpful

    JedJed5 days ago
  • Man, You will do pretty good in acting.

    sanket patwarisanket patwari5 days ago
  • iPad is the best gadget ever. Period.

    Satish HSatish H5 days ago
  • Maybe they will use iPad Pro's Lidar to test the technology for the Apple Glass'

    Alejandro MaddeAlejandro Madde5 days ago
  • No the iPad Pro is not a PC and it will never be one.

    Alex TudAlex Tud5 days ago
  • I think the sensor is meant to aim at people who use tablets for work like contractors roofers etc things that require more precise measurements especially since most use tablet style laptops anyways like the surface pro

    JorgeJorge5 days ago
  • Is the new iPad good with gaming?

    Rafe VadnaisRafe Vadnais5 days ago
  • I am getting scared when he holds it with one hand

    Elina BrahmandamElina Brahmandam5 days ago
  • A video creator watching a Doug de Muro video on an infinitely amazing display is just abhorrent and straight up blasphemy

    Ibrahim IshaqIbrahim Ishaq6 days ago
  • WAAAT 300 bucks for a magic keyboard???.?? I could buy a Nintendo switch instead.

    Yoyo Legend27Yoyo Legend276 days ago
  • How much is it?

    •Vivi Topaz••Vivi Topaz•6 days ago
    • 999$

      Alex TudAlex Tud5 days ago
  • Who else is here because they are getting an iPad Pro in the mail

    SejuSeju6 days ago
  • I prefer my MacBook Air and iPhone.7 plus as a cheaper combo, with my office 365 package...

    Andrew LeventisAndrew Leventis6 days ago
    • You can't get away from Apple

      Alex TudAlex Tud5 days ago
  • One question my friend so all these phones ipads what are you going to do with it? I'm sure you only have more than 500+ phones

    Mqondisi JuniorMqondisi Junior6 days ago
  • I have the iPad tho

    Cristal TrevizoCristal Trevizo6 days ago
  • Lidar. So they can scan your 🏠. In case they need take you down , they have the house layout. Just saying

    AreyousureAreyousure7 days ago
  • Got my iPad Pro 12.9 in March, been using it with the Magic Keyboard since early June (nearly 4 weeks), and the iPad has now totally replaced my MacBook Air (i7 8GB/512GB SSD). It’s better all round, faster, better for multi-media, better for editing photos and videos, better for doing creative stuff, better in every way, so to me, yes the 2020 iPad Pro is a computer, a new type of laptop if you like. As we now know since WWDC2020, the silicon in the iPad Pro is probably better then that in my MacBook Air, so... OK it’s not desktop, but still it does pretty much everything you need to do, so...

    Techno CokeTechno Coke7 days ago
  • Wow did that thing show u the inside of it

    JesseLeeKingJesseLeeKing7 days ago
  • Donation is necessary to get hands on this tech.

    Nazar Hassan AlshahedNazar Hassan Alshahed7 days ago
  • I still got the ipad pro 10.5 2017 model. You dont need all that power

    amit kumaramit kumar7 days ago
    • amit kumar That depends on what you use it for

      M. StoneM. Stone7 days ago
  • Black life matter

  • I wish i could have on. 😢It us very helpful for my studies. I am from india.

    Gahan PradhanGahan Pradhan7 days ago
  • the 4.7 dislikes are people who dont know what a computer is

    Hugo ArkeveldHugo Arkeveld7 days ago
    • Actually they know. That's the reason. You can't have multiple accounts on the ipad, can't play A+ games...

      Marco ChapitaMarco Chapita5 days ago
  • I'm a serious photographer. So when I take pictures, I'm serious. I want the camera to be 48mp on my $1000 iPad Pro.

    Mardana NanakMardana Nanak7 days ago
  • Hey is it still working good as apple products sometimes gets off due to battery issues 😶

    Sunil KumarSunil Kumar7 days ago
  • how price it is ipad pro

    Siam Bin NimeSiam Bin Nime7 days ago
    • 999$

      Alex TudAlex Tud5 days ago
  • iPads have gotten so big over time

    Luke MarangoniLuke Marangoni7 days ago
  • Probs LIDAR uses and back portrait will come in a new software update It’s and iPad, people Apple makes us wait They do it to get excitement

    PF GamesPF Games8 days ago
  • I want a better camera on a tablet for stop motion animations. There are other apps that would take advantage of a great camera. Don’t knock tablet cameras.

    UltraKryptonianUltraKryptonian8 days ago
  • The only thing that stops it bring a computer is the os (it has ipadOS not macOS), if you could option macOS it would be computer.

    Tom LowrieTom Lowrie8 days ago
  • Me just now realizing there isn’t a home button on the side...😮

    Samantha BuckmanSamantha Buckman8 days ago
  • My favorite part: 0:14

    CoolWebDevCoolWebDev8 days ago
  • Marcus is my main person for tech reviews! Deciding between iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro

    Mohammed ObeidMohammed Obeid8 days ago
  • Why has a iPad 2 cameras?

    Jean08 playsJean08 plays8 days ago
  • cool!! I wish I can buy it. lucky you!

    Sartika DSartika D8 days ago
  • I wish i could buy one for my birthday. But its too expensive

    nash7448nash74488 days ago
  • *w h a t s a c o m p u t e r?*

    Hat the AnimatorHat the Animator8 days ago
  • 0:19 - 0:30 - Stick to gadget reviewing please. അഭിനയ സിംഹമേ..

    KahnsterKahnster8 days ago