Travis Scott Shares 'Crazy' Details About Kylie's Delivery

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Rap superstar and new dad Travis Scott sat down with Ellen to talk about his hit record, "Astroworld," aspirations to return to his musical roots, writing a Broadway-inspired album, and how he learned what a placenta is while in the delivery room with girlfriend Kylie Jenner and her mom Kris Jenner while welcoming his daughter Stormi.

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    asyaasya5 hours ago
  • Watching from PNG😊

    Priscilla BepaPriscilla Bepa6 hours ago
  • This video just made me start having a crush on him 💀

    rianariana7 hours ago
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    Lesedi Hloni MatsaneLesedi Hloni Matsane8 hours ago
  • That laugh though 😂🧡

    Milkee MMilkee M9 hours ago
  • that is not the real travis scoot

  • Travis scott is the actual definition of GOAT

    Tarun MahariaTarun MahariaDay ago
  • He laughs like a donkey

    Ashwani SharmaAshwani SharmaDay ago
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  • He is nervous. Lov his laughter 😂😂😂 .. its sounds like a goat

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  • His laugh😂

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  • His laugh is like Shawn the sheep

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  • The way he laughs is like a horse calling 😂

    Debopriya ghoshDebopriya ghosh3 days ago
  • Now i see where did Denver's laugh come from

    Dio BrandoDio Brando3 days ago
  • i swear i hear denver in money heist laugh on how travis scott laugh ps. i dont know,,, is it just me or not? pps. im obsessed of denver laugh a a a a jaja

    hhyungwoon labbbhhyungwoon labbb3 days ago
  • aww he’s so nice i love that he brought her a gift 🥺🦋✨

    Miranda GutierrezMiranda Gutierrez3 days ago
  • Kylie Jenner: we are breaking up. Travis: hhahahha yeah facts

    RoiRoi3 days ago
  • Travis Scott is the cutest human being omg 😂 his laugh

    Amani OmarAmani Omar3 days ago
  • No one: Travis:Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Me:I thought you are SpongeBob SquarePants boi

    Gamer ShayneGamer Shayne3 days ago
  • Every man is affraid of the placenta. It's just a guy thing.

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  • The laugh tho

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  • When your name is Hennessy👁👄👁

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  • his laugh sounds like he’s really sick and he’s trying not to laugh because it’s gonna hurt

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  • this man is THE GOAT

    Malte EkwingMalte Ekwing4 days ago
  • travis seems like someone you could easily vibe with.

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  • The laugh makes me weirdly uncomfortable 💀😂

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  • I wanna give him a hug. He seems so genuine

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  • Awww

    Margaret Lee-ReedMargaret Lee-Reed5 days ago
  • They way travis laugh it makes me smile ♡

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  • this is creepy... shes talking about a child...

    syirahsyirah5 days ago
  • he doesn’t mumble in this. I can’t believe it. He truly is a king

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  • See you in the next global pandemic where this is recommended again.

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  • Who deep down wishes they can just walk in class and say Travis Scott is my dad

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  • Ellen is so lucky she got Travis x Nike shoes

    Rishika Raven RaghunathanRishika Raven Raghunathan6 days ago
  • Nobody Travis : *Laughs in Autotune*

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  • omg he talks about stormi so proudly

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  • omg his laugh is adorable

    Hayden FreemanHayden Freeman7 days ago
  • What a Wired laugh 🤭 🙂

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  • Stormi is the cutest 😍😍

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  • Travis

    elife elifeelife elife7 days ago
  • Haha he has a laugh like spongebob

  • He does look happy he is a good day I'm impressed

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  • He’s the highest in the room

    still adorbzstill adorbz9 days ago
  • Good discussion and nice video

  • He may have 2 brain cells left, but still managed to work hard to get where he is

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  • 4:38 I have no words

    Sarah ASarah A10 days ago
  • He's laugh doe

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  • Is it just me or everytime he laughes I just laugh even harder it's the cutest,funniest, silliest, thing ever

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    Bitsuamlak HabteBitsuamlak Habte12 days ago
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      Bitsuamlak HabteBitsuamlak Habte12 days ago
  • I'm happy that he's gaining confidence in himself, earlier he used to be quite camera-shy

    Daipayan DuttaDaipayan Dutta13 days ago
  • Sidemen is helping me so much in Quarantine/Lockdown

    Paul HolbanPaul Holban13 days ago
  • His fake laugh is almost as good as hers

    MazzyMazzy14 days ago
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    vera moorevera moore14 days ago
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    Rahim BérkoRahim Bérko14 days ago
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  • he is like those cheerful cartoon characters

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  • His laugh is amazing

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  • Tbh 0:40 was the funniest “panic laugh” I ever heard😭😭😭

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  • 1:59 he's so cuteee :)

    Jazmin DixonJazmin Dixon15 days ago
  • Mamma KJ 😂 I love him

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  • This guy was is famous in Fortnite they made him in real life

    FosuneFosune16 days ago
  • His laugh reminds me of Denver's laugh, from Money Heist! HA HA HA HA HA HA

    Stainny WananStainny Wanan16 days ago
  • his laugh is so awkward bro i-

    harutoharuto16 days ago
  • Oh wow he can actually speak clearly.

    Nooraishah KhanNooraishah Khan16 days ago
  • Even though he seems so awkward, I have to admit this is his most casual and real interview that he’s done, for once he’s actually talking to her and not giving 1 word answers

    Ed LuscombeEd Luscombe17 days ago
  • That kind of looks like that fortnite character

    plasmaplasma17 days ago
  • Travis: hmhm hahahahahah hmm,m Denver: emem eheheheheheh ememe Travis & Denver: *ehehehehahahahahehehehahaha*

    KamipapiKamipapi17 days ago
  • just me or did i hear a goat

    GODDLYGODDLY17 days ago
  • Her interview questions are the exact same as jimmy fallons

    pp17 days ago
  • Aww she is so cute

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  • his laugh tho

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  • He’s actually so sweeet

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  • I think we know who’s the highest in the room

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