Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Feb 12, 2017
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Donald Trump spreads a lot of false information thanks to his daily consumption of morning cable news. If only we could sneak some facts into the president’s media diet.
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  • Fox is where he got that bull shit about doing away with sensitive training 1619 project it was some guy on tucker

    Anita HendersonAnita HendersonHour ago
  • John Oliver started Trump on his way. Remember his challenge? Do it! Run for president. I'll write you a campaign check right now. Do it! Put the blame where it belongs. John Oliver started all this.

    DeBee CorleyDeBee Corley14 hours ago
  • A belief that he ha maintained for a long time = he is f**ing deluded, mad as a hatter, needs to be abmitted to the asylum.

    8alot4t8alot4t15 hours ago
  • Can we all agree that the educational cowboy at the end is a national treasure?

    Gayathri JaikumarGayathri Jaikumar16 hours ago
  • Sorry John, but you might want to eat your words on the child actors as it was proven to be true

    Lucas DelaneyLucas DelaneyDay ago
  • Trump 2020. I can't fix stupid.

    Ethan JhonsonEthan JhonsonDay ago

    Fertile DirtFertile DirtDay ago
  • Careful your neighbor doesn't eat you first ALEX.

    Fertile DirtFertile DirtDay ago

    Fertile DirtFertile DirtDay ago
  • OH FUCK TRUMP 1986

    Fertile DirtFertile DirtDay ago
  • I'm sorry but nothing is being done about this orange turd and believe MERICA is so fucked up and dumb enough to elect this piece of ORANGE SHIT AGAIN FLUSH THIS ORANGE TURD PUPPET AND AUDIT HIM AND EVERY SINGLE FUCKING POLITICIAN AND ELECTED OFFICIAL. And don't forget the appointed ones. BOOF BOY AND BE THANKFUL IT WON'T BE A COUP D'TAIT YOU FUCKING TURD STOP BEING NAIVE MERICA And wake up. Boost immune systems and be safe. Except trump and like minded can drink some kool-aid and inject disinfectant. Buffalo gals won't you come out tonight. AND ASK YOUR SELVES WHILE LOOKING IN A MIRROR" AM I RIGHT? How about take a knee in silence for a minute, let alone 8 minutes and seriously ASK YOURSELVES AM I RIGHT. THEN REALIZE THE CENSORSHIP AND AGAIN ASK YOURSELVES IS THIS RIGHT? FUCKING RHETORICAL. Put the orange turd where it belongs. In the sewers on its way to the sanitation dept.

    Fertile DirtFertile DirtDay ago
  • It fucking kills me seeing idiot democrats pissing so much who don't even know how a country works Lmao

    Priyanshu AgraPriyanshu AgraDay ago
  • Speaking of TRUTH... I'm pretty sure that John Oliver would not know what truth is if it bit him on his @ss. The "truth" to lib/dem is that these rioters, looters and arsonists are peaceful protesters.

    John DoeyoeJohn Doeyoe2 days ago
  • You're talking about Biden

    Karen CunninghamKaren Cunningham2 days ago
  • Hi, from 6ish weeks before the 2020 election. Around 200 or so miles of 'the wall' have been currently been built, mostly by a right wing political 'charity' group that Drumpf has since openly opposed/disavowed himself from, simply because it failed to build a wall that managed to stand up to the simple forces of nature (something that most competent engineers would account for), all while gathering donations from Drumpf supporters. Vote for your nominee, but don't blame the other side when Drumpf (most likely) loses massively because of 20,000+ lies in the last 4 years AND don't blame the other side when Drumpf (more less than likely) makes your country even more of a worldwide laughing stock than it already is, because it's more likely a result of a lack of people willing to vote against Drumpf than it is a result of people willing to vote for him....

    LoccysterLoccyster2 days ago
  • Wow this was 3 years ago am I in a simulation

    The Big kahunaThe Big kahuna2 days ago
  • Alex Jones is a carbon copy of Rush Scumbag.

    Harry. B. Renner. jr.Harry. B. Renner. jr.3 days ago
  • Dementia joe needs to come out of his basement. Only his handlers won't let him. MAGA TRUMP 2020

    Joe RobertsJoe Roberts3 days ago
    • Fuck. Off. Trolls

      Ayush ThumbarathyAyush Thumbarathy2 days ago
    • Great point genius

      The Big kahunaThe Big kahuna2 days ago
  • It's almost HYSTERICAL the Liberal media which lies CONSTANTLY saying the President does

    Ditkazbearz2Ditkazbearz24 days ago
    • Ok komrade

      The Big kahunaThe Big kahuna2 days ago

    pikeman80pikeman804 days ago
  • It's NOT "Fucking Impossible" ! India currently has a GDP of -24%.

    Swapnil YadavSwapnil Yadav4 days ago
    • Short answer- NO! You don't know how GDP works.

      Ayush ThumbarathyAyush Thumbarathy2 days ago
    • You're just wrong on a few levels and the real key indicator is that you wrote GDP is a percentage or a rate, and it isn't. GDP is an equation that adds several factors together and is a "monetary measure of the market value of all the final goods and services produced in a specific time period." You can find that in the first sentence of the Wikipedia page for Gross Domestic Product. Since it is the sum of all goods and services produced, it realistically cannot be negative. The only theoretically possible way for GDP to be negative is for a nation to have 0 Consumer Spending or Consumption, 0 Investment from businesses, 0 Government Spending, 0 Exports, and only pure Imports. But guess what, in order to import anything you need to produce a resource or money in return. The value can be calculated a few ways but they are averaged together, are theoretically the same, and in all cases the values will be positive. Those ways to calculate or approaches - and pay attention because this is your homework to find out what they involve - are: Production based, Income based, and Expenditure based. Now onto India, you said that India has a GDP of -24%. As we now know GDP cannot be negative. Assuming you have done your homework you will also now understand that there is no division that occurs in any of the approaches to calculating GDP, meaning there can be no ratio, percentage, rate, or decimal whatsoever. AND if you just look up India's GDP you will find that in 2018, 2019, and estimated for 2020 in U.S. Dollars respectively, is $2,718.7 Billion, $2,935.6 Billion, and $3,202.2 Billion. It's likely that third factor was estimated prior to the pandemic but that is the value according to the International Monetary Fund who are experts at this. It is possible that you thought GDP Growth was GDP, in which GDP Growth or the Change in GDP is where we compare the GDP of two different time periods. We know that the words compare and change would likely lead us to do a division and then calculate the rate or decimal value of change. In which case I still do not know where you found the value of -24%, however I did find one projection from the OECD that estimates the growth of GDP for India in 2020 to be -11.2%, which again doesn't make sense given the IMF's numbers but these are all projections and we won't know till well into 2021. And yes the majority of countries are likely to experience lower GDP than in prior years, which makes sense because consumers are buying less on average, companies have smaller work forces, and supply chains are in disarray. With that I bid you goodnight, I did enjoy educating you, and I do hope you consider being more diligent and careful before you make a statement in the future. Just make doubly sure you are right.

      Geoff GroenendaleGeoff Groenendale2 days ago
  • I use to think you were funny, but you have a twisted concept of reality on my president. Trump, yes. He has done a better job than most I have seen. ... but you have a show to make, and avoiding the truth, and trying to get a crowd. Not live, using a sound bite from some other sitcom to make it look sound live. - be genuine and patriotic. But you can't because it is not popular or in fashion. PS what's up with the fake English accent??

    Ken FlowersKen Flowers6 days ago
    • Please get in touch with your reality. Your country's future depends on it. Just snap out and see the truth for yourself. Trump is a fucking liar.

      Ayush ThumbarathyAyush Thumbarathy2 days ago
    • Oh ken bless

      The Big kahunaThe Big kahuna2 days ago
    • ...John Oliver was born in the UK and lived there most his life. That is why the accent, and the self-deprecating humor. In fact, if I am not mistaken, he had a "green card" up until he was officially naturalized as a United States citizen in December 2019. Moreover, his wife is an Iraq War veteran who served as a United States Army medic. All stuff he has been quite open, and patriotic about.

      Popeless Not HopelessPopeless Not Hopeless5 days ago
  • Oh 2017 version of John, you're so adorable. Drumpf's lies about Obama, the GDP, and all of that are just adorable foibles now. See, here in 2020, he's already been impeached and lied about in real time, and then lied about a deadly pandemic that is on track to kill a quarter million americans. Pffft. Crowd size. How quaint.

    lost CubsFanlost CubsFan6 days ago
  • U need to do a part 2

    swapnil chavanswapnil chavan7 days ago
    • He made another 4

      The Big kahunaThe Big kahuna2 days ago
  • hes a fat ol infant in a red tie

    mormonmormon7 days ago
  • “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” George Carlin

    RoadCaptainEntertainRoadCaptainEntertain7 days ago
  • If calfing means the same thing as his german counterpart, I'm wondering how any human could be capable of such a feat.

    Robin SelzRobin Selz8 days ago
  • I'm an American seeking asylum from this insanity! I'll go anywhere!

    Steven SalcedoSteven Salcedo8 days ago
  • The Anti-Christ is driving the bus! Know one has insurance for that! God save the world!

    Steven SalcedoSteven Salcedo8 days ago
  • Look, Ya can't blame the INSANE for what they do, although they too are not above the law, but, they have different results that provide for the INSANE being separated from society as being too dangerous to be allowed to be free to continue to put people's lives in danger, due to the INSANITY of those that have proven to be INSANE. One example of this insanity is using 'god' as their excuse for the 'sacrifice' of the non-believers for the 'reasons' that the 'god' they invented has stated in their 'holy books' that the insane claim is 'the WORD OF 'god'. Now don't try to make sense of these dangerous people because THEY ARE INSANE. The history of those INSANE people proves how dangerous they are. All their 'explanations' are their reasons that if applied to THEM, would surely make them complain that the world HATES them for just following the laws that THE 'god' THEY INVENTED gave to THEM, but because THEIR 'god' CHOSE ONLY THEM, THEY ARE TO BE ABOVE THE LAW OF MAN. Need proof? Just type in the 'search box' that is at the top of this page, THE TALMUD, and chose from the many videos that PROVE that they are INSANE because the talmud is the WRITTEN EXCUSE for the INSANITY of those that are ready to commit CRIMES, but because they were 'chosen' by their 'god', are immune from the laws of common sense. JUST REALIZE THIS...using 'common sense' when trying to explain THEIR REASONS for their INSANITY, will never make 'sense' because, in the mind of the INSANE, YOU are the one that is INSANE and must be sacrificed with death, as explained in 'the talmud, kaballah and ANY OTHER 'reason' where those that are 'religiously' INSANE use THEIR "god" as THEIR EXCUSE that makes members of that CULT immune from the laws of COMMON SENSE. What is the 'COMMON SENSE' law that the INSANE VIOLATE? DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU because the SANE will HAVE to DESTROY the INSANE in order to save SANE PEOPLE becoming the VICTIMS of the INSANE and those they corrupt, 'our politicians' that now allow the INSANE to BE OUR KINGS, instead of the American people being protected by the USA Constitution, that if OBEYED, prevents the INSANE from ruling the American people as the slaves and servants of the INSANE PEOPLE that invented the INSANE CLOWN that the cults and their newest JACKASS dONALD dUCK calls 'god'. So now that you know that there is NO CURE for INSANITY, OBEY THE USA CONSTITUTION and VOTE for those that the continue keeps America the colony of the zion state in the MIDDLE EAST, but instead of using worthless paper ballots, USE THE LEAD BALLOTS that the USA Constitution DEMANDS the sane USE in order to eliminate the INSANE that keep America the colony of ZION STATE in the MIDDLE EAST. Joe Magnets

    Joe MagnetsJoe Magnets8 days ago
  • Time for secession. Blue states it’s time for us to leave these un-United states...

    John KlausJohn Klaus9 days ago
  • Hahaha remember "President-elect and the first 90 days" of if we knew then there would be a scandal of the month for four years straight eith a big blowout scandal for his inability- or unwillingness, control a pandemic thats killed people.. hes a bafoon and criminal, but you cannot deny he deals in influence more than money

    Skot MatthewsSkot Matthews9 days ago
  • 4 more lies

    William TaylorWilliam Taylor10 days ago
  • Fuck you John Oliver

    Bigfoot ain't realBigfoot ain't real11 days ago
    • @The Big kahuna ouch ! that stung

      Bigfoot ain't realBigfoot ain't real2 days ago
    • Fuck you too

      The Big kahunaThe Big kahuna2 days ago
    • ?????

      Sam The Kind StrangerSam The Kind Stranger10 days ago
  • Had to look up what the Nuclear Triad was. I'll bet people in the DC area who didn't know what John and crew was gonna do when they saw the cooler of the catheter cowboys. I wish these would have aired nation wide but oh well.

    Kelley HawleyKelley Hawley11 days ago
  • 3.5 years later... this video hasn't aged a second.

    XzygyXzygy11 days ago
  • As it turned out his lies, as of 12 September 2020, have killed 198,000+ Americans

    Nanny BNanny B11 days ago
  • Trump lie % 69 Maybe he made those lies on purpose

    CX MoyerCX Moyer12 days ago
    • N I C E

      that one sad vegan enbythat one sad vegan enby11 days ago
  • 1990 EPIC HISTORICAL TRUMP INTERVIEW: "Barbara Walters Interviews Donald Trump on ABC's 20/20 - August 17, 1990"

    Sundance101Sundance10112 days ago
  • All he had ta do was say that he's against birth control and guzzillions of dorks'll follow him anywhere

    Michael AndersonMichael Anderson12 days ago
    • I don't believe that the right to life folks give a second thought to the unwanted child ( often of rape, Incest, poor judgement and the bad parenting that often follows). Sometimes that life ain't wanted! I was one. A drunken sailor, the eventual divorce. NO! Give'em a choice! Thank God a good dad did adopt me, but the damage had already been done.

      Michael AndersonMichael Anderson2 days ago
  • “ThEy’rE pUtTiN ChEmiCaLs iN tHe WaTeR tHaT tUrN tHe FrEakIn FrOgS gAy”

    Kaitlyn KittleKaitlyn Kittle14 days ago
    • Do you understand that???

      Sam The Kind StrangerSam The Kind Stranger10 days ago
  • The news came on last night and I saw trump and then it hit me again “oh no. He’s the president”

    Shaggydoo -Shaggydoo -14 days ago
  • (Sarcastically) you want to know it's the truth because I seen it on TV.

    Harry. B. Renner. jr.Harry. B. Renner. jr.14 days ago
  • The pie chart has to be wrong. it should be more like 90%.

    Harry. B. Renner. jr.Harry. B. Renner. jr.14 days ago
  • When will this nightmare end

    Alex EssingtonAlex Essington15 days ago
    • Man

      Captain MayuriCaptain Mayuri14 days ago
  • Chaukidar of USA 🤣

    MS QMS Q15 days ago
  • I was going to say look at where we are 3 and a half years later but that wouldn’t have much impact 20,000+ lies later....

    Shin YagamiShin Yagami16 days ago
  • Cry cry cry

    AgarykaneAgarykane16 days ago
  • greatest president since Reagan. not a politician. says what he thinks. looking forward to 4 more years!

    Jay SmithJay Smith16 days ago
    • @Jay Smith are your really not going to offer anything in favour of Trump? Nothing at all? God, Republicans kill me.

      that one sad vegan enbythat one sad vegan enby10 days ago
    • @that one sad vegan enby 👍

      Jay SmithJay Smith10 days ago
    • @Jay Smith I'm not a liberal lol, I just know that Trump is the worst thing to happen to America.

      that one sad vegan enbythat one sad vegan enby10 days ago
    • @that one sad vegan enby That is the dumbest thing ive read in a while. which is why i cant take you libtards seriously.

      Jay SmithJay Smith10 days ago
    • Trump's war killed two million Iraqi soldiers...

      that one sad vegan enbythat one sad vegan enby11 days ago
  • A countries population always has the leader they deserve. I am sorry, but Americans, it is your own fault that Trump is President. If the level of intelligence is, as is, in America, then you have a Donald.

    drstevenreydrstevenrey16 days ago
  • He predicted the fire at trump tower

    VoidVoid16 days ago
  • This episode needs to be UPDATED AND RE-RUN EVERY DAY FROM NOW TIL 11/03, and ALL DAY ON 11/03! COME ON HBO, you can do it! HELP SAVE THE USA!

    Atheistically YoursAtheistically Yours16 days ago
  • ram ranch

    Helena DoHelena Do16 days ago
  • Wow three years later and no change!

    K McK Mc17 days ago
  • In this installment, John poses 4 important questions. Let me help: * How did we get a pathological liar in the White House? The Rule of Thirds - Babiak & Hare (2006, Chapter 5). * Where are his lies coming from? The psychopathic fiction. * Why do so many people believe him? The Rule of Thirds (ibid.) * What could we possibly do about it? Legislatively bar psychopaths and narcissists from public office.

    David SievingDavid Sieving17 days ago
  • TO FEAR GOD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM, ll We need to be very careful as there is a judgement day for all of us. Heb 9:27. Submission to Governing Authorities The Bible says in TITUS 3:1-7, 3 Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work, 2 TO SPEAK EVIL OF NO MAN, to be no brawlers, but gentle, shewing all meekness unto all men. 3 For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another. 4 But after that the kindness and love of God our Saviour toward man appeared, 5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; 6 Which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour; 7 That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life. Romans 13:1-6 13 LET EVERYONE BE SUBJECT TO THE GOVERNING AUTHORITIES, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience. 6 This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. 7 Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor. Love Fulfills the Law 8 Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. 9 The commandments, “You shall not commit adultery,” “You shall not murder,” “You shall not steal,” “You shall not covet,”[a] and whatever other command there may be, are summed up in this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”[b] 10 Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

    sharper110sharper11018 days ago
    • Separation of church and state is necessary for the protection of all citizens. So bible arguments are often not useful! it would help with your argument to use another source other than the bible!

      Sam The Kind StrangerSam The Kind Stranger10 days ago
    • *reads in lgbt*

      that one sad vegan enbythat one sad vegan enby11 days ago
  • Looking at this, I have come to the decision that all conspiracies about the US government is fake. Since they clearly dont have the brain cells to plan and execute them.

    Liyan ALiyan A18 days ago
  • Alex u r crazy! U r nuts! 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Dawn HeathDawn Heath18 days ago
  • Oh, update on this guy. In Trump's State of the Union Address, that he had to kiss Nancy's ass if he wanted to use the usual digs at the Capitol Bldg. So, during the SOTU, Trump gives Rush Limbaugh, get this, the Presidential Medal of Freedom! I shit you not! One more box checked, one more heretical disgracing of a top honor!

    Martin WhalleyMartin Whalley19 days ago
  • Now, a Federally indicted criminal. Here is your update on 9/5/2020

    Martin WhalleyMartin Whalley19 days ago
  • john oliver looks like a fraggle.

    OMM 0910OMM 091019 days ago
  • Please update and redo this episode for 2020.

    BryanBryan19 days ago
  • I love John Oliver’s jokes and comments. And, oh my gosh! That’s a dirty SHAMED of Trump calling our VETERANS a SUCKERS! Guys we need to VOTE this election and we must VOTE this president OUT of the White House

    Amalia BishopAmalia Bishop19 days ago
  • Here in Sept 2020; this is wild.

    doubleplusgoodfuldoubleplusgoodful20 days ago
  • I DISTRUST trump supporters MORE than I do with trump himself. Reason being that when trump is fact checked and found out proven by the facts he's lying his supporters STILL go along with that just proven lie, they don't care he lies so to them he tells the truth. Where the hell did common sense, logic, and fairness go in America today? Shades of NaziGermany Adolf Hitler followers then and today USA Donald trump and his blind uneducated followers. The similarities are just so close between then and now..

    DrofmahDrofmah21 day ago
  • It just amazes me how people can just... believe him??? When he lies??? About easily checkable facts????????

    Alexis MarriottAlexis Marriott21 day ago

    Jason HudeJason Hude21 day ago
    • trump has more dementia than biden. So u can suck it troll.

      Ayush ThumbarathyAyush Thumbarathy2 days ago
    • At least he isn’t a facist~

      Sam The Kind StrangerSam The Kind Stranger10 days ago
    • Trump doesn't believe in climate change. He lifted the ban on drilling oil and gas in the arctic ocean which is unlawful. He rolled back hunting protection for hibernating bears, and the methane pollution rule. He said "laziness is a trait in blacks". Idk if you remember "grab them by the p*ssy". He retweeted a video of a man shouting "white power". He fired a pandemic response team... during a pandemic. Opposes the act of equality which helps stop legal discrimination of LGBT+ people in the USA. He also made it legal for doctors to deny LGBT+ people certain healthcare procedures on a religious basis. He had a rally in the middle of a pandemic and didn't even mandate masks or face coverings. He called white supremacists "very good people" He has nearly 45 r*pe allegations, 13 from minors, plus he refuses to give DNA to prove his innocence. Keeps pushing drill on Native American reservations. He doesn't support black lives matter, instead supporting blue lives matter. One tweet included him advocating for increase in the cost of living in the suburbs and pushing low income housing put of the suburbs. Told his fanbase that "coronavirus is a democratic new hoax". Encouraged people to inject disinfectant into their blood in order to prevent the virus. Took an untested and later proven dangerous drug, again saying it would prevent coronavirus. To black people: "you're living in poverty, you're schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed - what do you have to lose?" Trying to eliminate the NEPA protection to speed up large infrastructure products like highways (bad for the environment). 3000 children and counting have been "lost" by ICE, under Trump's rule and support. Took a whole page to call for the death penalty of 5 children of colour who were innocent, and is yet to apologise. Told 3 coloured congresswomen to go back to their country. Said that he would date Ivanka if she wasn't his daughter. Said, about Mexican immigrants, "They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're r*pists. And some, I assume, are good people." Spoke in defense of the officer who killed George Floyd. Did nothing to support those affected by the Orlando nightclub shooting. Has said, on multiple occasions, that he doesn't support same-sex marriage. Said "you will no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having low income housing built in your neighbourhood". His war on Iraq killed two million Iraqi soldiers. The USA is now number 1 in COVID-19 cases and deaths, under Trump's rule. But yeah, Biden has dementia.

      that one sad vegan enbythat one sad vegan enby11 days ago
  • Welcome back to another episode of me not knowing what to do during quarantine so I’m binge watching every episode of Last Week Tonight

    AlexAlex21 day ago
    • Ditto. I have also followed up on all the subjects using at least 10 other sources that would be acceptable in a college-level essay. I may be broke, relatively alone but feel that I will be able to win any bar argument that comes up on these subjects. I just don't know when I'll be at a bar again.

      Uncle RatUncle Rat7 days ago
  • How the hell can there be 28,000 dislikes?

    Fyodor PetrovichFyodor Petrovich21 day ago

    Mario RodriguezMario Rodriguez22 days ago
  • Simple minds are easily amused

    Randy ZuppkeRandy Zuppke22 days ago
  • 3:39 Back when that was't reality

    Mowen KMowen K22 days ago
  • hey there people, i just want to say dont trust everyone story is sad but i got to say it,some days ago i was scammed and the scammers got $9100 from me.....i was really frustrated and had to tell a friend,she told me about a hacker that helped her husband recover his scammed money and also had the india scammer arrested for a little amount of money.i Dm him @hacksting on IG and he asked me some questions with proof of me being scammed,screenshots and all that after 24hrs my money was recovered,i can never thank hacksting enough.with the experience i had i am never getting scammed again..........

    Naomi MendozaNaomi Mendoza22 days ago
    • @Sam The Kind Stranger I'm not a not, I only gave a comment

      Naomi MendozaNaomi Mendoza9 days ago
    • please stop using bots to advertise and scam!!! thank you!

      Sam The Kind StrangerSam The Kind Stranger10 days ago
  • still going. 20k lies and counting. and those are just the verified lies.

    Dan ChanDan Chan23 days ago
  • Here in Sept 2020. Trumps election campaign shows video of riots in Portland. But the video is actually from Spain. ha ha

    Bill ScottBill Scott23 days ago
  • From John's lips to America's ears. History has shown, without the help of Steve Bannon & FOX News, that everything the President says or does may not be truthful or in the best interests of the American people...for example the ill treatment of the non-KAREN segment of the white, female population of the United States, the privileged treatment of the children of the rich & famous whose family purchased their acceptance to highly rated universities and bought their SAT scores. These same untrustworthy but moneyed, uneducated and most importantly PRIVILEGED people and their insolent off-spring now make and enforce policy for the free world. Oh, and they separate babies from their mothers at our borders for having the mete thought of a better life. Because. Of course, they believe only white, moneyed, privileged folks like their family deserve to make these decisions and impose them on others. as is their RIGHT.

    Nancy KirkNancy Kirk23 days ago
    • mere

      Nancy KirkNancy Kirk23 days ago
  • Listen up idiot. You would have to know what the truth looks like to talk about it. You liberal morons haven't seen the truth since the asswipe obama said you can keep your doctor. Probably longer.

    Robert HyndsRobert Hynds24 days ago
    • 🖕🐔🍭

      Seth MorganaSeth Morgana22 days ago
  • Oh now that bannon has been arrested this hits a lot harder

    Creepy :Creepy :24 days ago
  • love the adds at the end

    DujeDuje25 days ago
  • Fantastic show... thank you so much

    Linda LillyLinda Lilly25 days ago
  • ACTUAL news outlets (not Fox or Infowars) are the people's watchdog, and Trump has successfully gotten a huge segment of the US population to distrust them! I agree that American news outlets are biased, but guess what? You have access to the Internet, you don't have to only rely on American outlets! But also, even those that are biased, still give you the correct facts. Do NOT BELIEVE any supposed facts stated in an opinion piece. I've watched the opinion pieces on Fox, and I was shocked by the out-and-out lies stated in them. I don't mean their opinions, I mean the supposed "facts" their opinions are based on. A former long-term Fox employee, who quit Fox because they were disseminating lies to the general public, said that most of them don't even believe what they're spouting - it's all for ratings. Who cares that it's destroying their country. I care, because I'm right next to them. And I have not found the written journalistic outlets to be very biased at all. Certainly not the outlets that have been trusted news sources for generations, and there are a lot of them. Clearly, the US needs a new class to be taught to students: learning facts from media outlets / determining the truth vs fiction in the media.

    Julie W.Julie W.25 days ago
  • John, you need to get your show on the Fox network, to try and stop the lies being passed around in the USA. It's MIND BOGGLING that so many Americans believe this bullshit! It's LITERALLY CRAZY. People ACTUALLY called their representatives asking if they should ingest bleach!!!! BLEACH!!!! Your president is a pathological liar, WHY in the Hell would you believe him???? Hell, he has changed his story in the very same sentence!!! "You'd love the letter, it's a great letter, he says a number of wonderful things in the letter... Well, I haven't actually read the letter yet."

    Julie W.Julie W.25 days ago
  • Some of the problems Trump says are real, it's just that his solutions are absolutely insane and pointless.

    Julie W.Julie W.25 days ago
  • Here is Barak Obama birth cerificate: And here is how it looks when you open it with illustrator:

    S RS R25 days ago
  • I'm here in 2020. Trump has only escalated in ignorance and hate. Putin has moved into the WH and Kim Jong Un although rumored to be in a coma or dead has actually left North Korea for greener pastures-the Lincoln bedroom. I have placed this show on my "feel good" playlist. Because it reminds me of better times. Like before HE had been in the WH for 4000 years and is now Telling us he's STAYING THERE. Forever. So, thanks for the grins and giggles. There are not many reasons to laugh anymore.

    Melinda JohnsonMelinda Johnson25 days ago
  • liar

    Ryan BissonnetteRyan Bissonnette25 days ago
    • Yes, Trump is a massive liar, and he's turning Republicans as a whole into bigger liars. That's the point of the video.

      Stephen2462Stephen246225 days ago
  • Trump wants his big beautiful wall, that Mexico would pay for and said NO!

    Peggy TrawickPeggy Trawick27 days ago
  • His yellow Hair

    Peggy TrawickPeggy Trawick27 days ago
  • Help end the nuttiness - donate $$ to ACTBLUE - better do it now. (And don't mail it in - USPS has been compromised.)

    Ray BinRay Bin27 days ago
  • "Cath" means the cowboy has to self-catheterize to empty his urinary bladder.

    Polly CulbersonPolly Culberson28 days ago
  • In August 2020 America has a deadly pandemic, massive unemployment and recession, schools unable to open, protests over racial injustice, a killer hurricane bearing down on the South. Donald Trump is mute on those subjects and Mike Pence talks about how bad things would be in Joe Biden’s America. Go figure. What a joke Trump and Pence are they and others at the RNC spew their lies, hatred and fear mongering in the midst of the greatest Constitutional Crisis our great nation has ever endured. That is simply amazing and may very well be the beginning of the downfall of our Democracy.

    Kaptain KidKaptain Kid28 days ago
    • Well - nothing can be done with hurricanes but the rest of what you mentioned is pretty accurate. 🤔🇺🇸

      Ray BinRay Bin27 days ago
  • You don't even speak English properly!! Go back home!!!!

    leen 629leen 62928 days ago
    • So he is speaking the correct form of English.

      Mr.TimeLordMr.TimeLord18 days ago
    • Boy he is English you idiotic moron. You know where english is from?

      Mr.TimeLordMr.TimeLord18 days ago
  • Your follow's comments makes me laugh...every citizen in this country is now a common cheat...which equates to nothing but lies...this country is now a floating turd going down the sewer all based on cheating and lies...anyone who denies it is 🤥 lying.

  • The RNC Convention drew SIX TIMES the viewers(VOTERS) that the DNC drew. The Yo-Yo demonstration on Americas Got Talent had higher ratings then the DNC (true story), so you can see where this election is heading.

    White CandleWhite Candle29 days ago
    • That's a lie.

      Stephen2462Stephen246225 days ago

    Gary HealerGary HealerMonth ago
    • I’m having a little trouble understanding. Could you explain?

      Sam The Kind StrangerSam The Kind Stranger10 days ago
  • You dared Trump him to Run!! Trump 2016 is your fault. Trump 2020

    Rick C-137Rick C-137Month ago
    • Oh yeah! Racist 2020 🥰 but make it a gravestone ✨

      Sam The Kind StrangerSam The Kind Stranger10 days ago
    • Not really, Trump has run for president a bunch of times in the past. The only reason he was won this time was because he ran as a Republican, who's voter base is actually stupid enough to take him seriously. Yes, Trump for prison in 2020.

      Stephen2462Stephen246225 days ago
  • This is so interesting and funny. I wish the subtitles were better.

    Rosemary WaltersRosemary WaltersMonth ago
  • No truth from Trump he doesn't know what truth is .

    Joy SmithJoy SmithMonth ago
  • ARE YOU DISCONNECTED FROM GOD / JESUS / HOLY SPIRIT ? Unbelievers cannot believe in God because they have separated themselves from Him by their sins. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. James 4:6, I Peter 5:5. God said in Jeremiah 29:13, when you seek me you shall find me when you seek me with all your heart". The problem that these people have is that they have never sought God / Jesus with all their heart. This is why they do not know God and reside in the spiritual Kingdom of Darkness where Satan rules and plays with unbelievers like puppets on a string. Blinding them so that they cannot see Jesus Christ, as Satan has an arsenal of tricks, devices, and smokescreens which he deploys. Psalms 14 and Psalms 53 says that " A fool says in their heart that there is no God. " Hebrews 9:27 says that " It is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgement " Satan is a liar, deceiver, tempter, destroyer, and killer of men's souls. Satan was thrown out of Heaven and sent here along with 1/3 of the angels. Hell was created for the Devil and his angels but God did not send them to Hell as he sent them here. They are part of the test that you and I are here taking with our free will. I had a dream where I was in a slaughter house filled with animals to be killed. To my left I saw a little lamb standing there when a man came from behind it grabbing it and quickly made some motion around it's head. This lamb made no attempt to run or even struggle but as it walked forward I saw blood in it's neck area and it's front. I realized that this man had slit it's throat and as this lamb walked forward it soon began to stumble and fall. Even in my dream I recognized the spiritual significance of this dream that this was Jesus as that innocent lamb of God The only escape anyone has from the power of Satan, sin, and the spiritual kingdom of darkness is to surrender your life to Jesus Christ. This cannot be accomplished without a humble penitent heart as our sins put Jesus on the cross. Jesus was without sin, yet went willingly to a torturous death so that you and I may have an opportunity for forgiveness of our sins through His blood. If we are willing to be obedient to Jesus and His teachings we have hope of eternal life. Satan is at war with God, raging against Him and against those who would follow Jesus Christ. Jesus said in Matthew 7:13-14 that the pathway to Heaven is narrow and few there be that find it. The pathway to Hell is a broad road and many will go that way. The reason is that man is a sinner separated from God / Jesus by his sins. isaiah 59:1-2, Romans 3:23, causing him to have a void or emptiness in his life that only God/jesus/Holy Spirit can fill. Jesus said, " Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled." We were created to have a relationship with our creator, so much so that if we are not having that relationship we can feel disconnected and dysfunctional. The Word of God teaches that if you die in your sins, you will go to Hell. Romans 6:23. Seek God / Jesus while you have time and opportunity. The first people who became Christians took place on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2 when Peter's preaching convicted many of those gathered there of their sin. When they asked Peter what they should do about their sin Peter said to them as recorded in Acts 2:38 " Repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. On that day 3,000 obeyed and God added them to the Church also known as the Spiritual body of Christ. This is still in effect today for those who want to be saved, entering in through the door of the Kingdom which is Jesus Christ

    sharper110sharper110Month ago
    • What does this have to do with trump though???

      Sam The Kind StrangerSam The Kind Stranger10 days ago
    • People who live in a third world country like the U.S need the idea of god because your rulers have never shown you a reason to trust them, they've never provided for you. You need the idea of god because you're afraid that your system isn't reliable enough to trust so you use religion as a back-up to relieve your fears of having no one in control. There are two different types of poor people in the world, poor people who can't afford luxury, and poor people who can't afford wealth. You guys can afford luxury but you can't afford wealth and with that you convince yourself your counter measures for cognitive dissonance are normal when it's really not. Christians spent the last decade shooting up schools, mosques, churches, nightclubs, theatres, concerts, protests and people of colour and you still pretend to be better than other people because of nothing more than 1000 year old meme created by a Byzantium ruler for fun... Get a grip.

      Forsaken PumpkinForsaken Pumpkin28 days ago
  • It’s great to come back to these old videos and watching conservatives do everything they can to defend the orange. This is why we are the laughing stock of the world. Congratulations I guess...

    Kevin BrooksKevin BrooksMonth ago