Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Feb 12, 2017
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Donald Trump spreads a lot of false information thanks to his daily consumption of morning cable news. If only we could sneak some facts into the president’s media diet.
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  • Fukushima will kill all life on planet earth in 15 to 20 yeaers where is there policy on Fukushima?

    Michael SchellMichael Schell9 hours ago
  • ... were still trying to figure out wtf he means when he says words, tho at this point we REALLY wish he would just stop saying them..

    James YoungerJames Younger12 hours ago
  • 2 years later and nothing has changed... T.D.S. is more rampant than ever, the left is devouring itself alive over who scores the most intersectionality points, and has no cohesive platform on which the party can stand. The good news is sodium chloride is virtually free now due to all the salt from the left. 🤣

    RantingRamsayRantingRamsay17 hours ago
    • Go drink Clorox.

      Anthony BhaAnthony Bha15 hours ago
  • OBAMA VS TRUMP EPIDEMIC RESPONSE: H1N1 = Only Contagious While Showing Symptoms 19-nCOV = Contagious WithOut Showing Symptoms for up to 14 days H1N1 = 60.8 Million infected 12,500 deaths | R0 1.2 = 1 Person Can Infect 1.2 people 19-nCOV = 1.6 Million infected 97,500 deaths | R0 5.7 = 1 Person Can Infect 5.7 people First H1N1 case - 9 March 2009 La Gloria, Mexico - OBAMA'S CDC activates EOC on 22 April 2009 = 43 days to act First 19-nCOV case - 4 Jan 2020 Wuhan, China -TRUMP'S CDC activates EOC on 20 January 2020 = 16 days to act H1N1 - CONTAGION DETECTION METHODS - OBAMA'S CDC Begins Infrared Thermometer Screenings on 4 May 2009 = 55 days to act 19-nCOV - CONTAGION DETECTION METHODS - TRUMP'S CDC Begins Infrared Thermometer Screenings on 17 Jan 2020 = 13 days to act First H1N1 human-to-human transmission reported 15 April 2009 -CDC hold its 1st press conference 11 June, 2009 = 56 days to act First 19-nCOV human-to-human transmission reported 15 January 2020 -HHS hold its 1st press conference 28 January, 2020 = 13 days to act First H1N1 first reported case in the US 15 April 2009 - President OBAMA declares National Emergency 24 October 2009 = 189 days to act First 19-nCOV first reported case in the US 20 January 2020 - President TRUMP declares National Emergency 13 March 2020 = 73 days to act The World Health Organization (WHO) declares a pandemic of H1N1 on 11 June 2009 = 56 days to act The World Health Organization (WHO) declares a pandemic of 19-nCOV on 11 March 2020 = 56 days to act

    Enemy NationEnemy Nation21 hour ago
  • the entire world is being consumed in hatred towards muslims

    Raj PanchalRaj Panchal22 hours ago
  • here in india thiings are much worse the media is in total control of right hand and things are being forwarded on watts app and facebook that spread hatred

    Raj PanchalRaj Panchal22 hours ago
  • Three years later and even the CIA dont know how to get him to listen to security briefs

    Michael DeadmanMichael DeadmanDay ago
  • For anyone scrolling deep enough into the comments for the answer to this questions rather than looking it up, yes, cath is an actual verb. I means to insert a catheter. There. Are you happier now that you didn’t have to have that in your search history?

    MCSwashbucklerMCSwashbucklerDay ago
  • I CAN NOT WAIT FOR November 4th - The night after the Election When ALL the Talk Show Hosts will have ANOTHER MELTDOWN But if you can not wait that long...... TYPE IN "The Young Turks - Election Meltdown 2016" The best MELTDOWN of them all last time

    MrStonecold69MrStonecold69Day ago
  • I love tour programs

    Mette ØksnebjergMette ØksnebjergDay ago
  • The far-left media is leading half the sheep herd and the far-right media is leading the other half of the sheep herd on the other side of the pasture... both sides only believe what their choice of news and leaders tell them and they blindly follow like good little sheep without doing any research or knowledge of the disease. Not sure why I find this scenario oddly amusing to watch but I do. It reminds me of two groups of children fighting over who's mommy and daddy is the best... My daddy can do this, well my daddy can do it better, no way mine is better... It is just sad that our leaders on both sides and our media have politicized a fracking pandemic... and the sheep follow on. People need to stop watching and depending on the politicized media fr their source of knowledge. Do your own research, educate yourselves, and make your own decisions... I know, crazy, right? But you can actually think on your own... It' true you really can

    ray mottray mottDay ago
  • And Alex Jones got himself sued by one of the parents of a Sandy Hook victim. Jones changed his tune real quick. Alex Jones is a piece of shit.

    celticloftscelticloftsDay ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="325">5:25</a> John I'm sorry to say there will be one nation that'll have a GDP below zero... it's called *A POST BREXIT BRITAIN*

    Rory BlessingtonRory BlessingtonDay ago
  • Should I be laughing or crying? How did this great country get to this sorry state? 50 years, America the Great - No More! (Maybe sooner)

    InserentInserentDay ago

    Rory BlessingtonRory BlessingtonDay ago
  • Leftwing traitor

    martin saathoffmartin saathoff2 days ago
    • Sounds like you need to lay off the conservative propoganda.

      Stephen2462Stephen2462Day ago
  • Should call it WallGate.

    Ethan WeeterEthan Weeter2 days ago
  • shit i thought this was today...hahahahha

    TJ WILLTJ WILL2 days ago
  • Trump: Dx.: Axis one: Narcissistic Personality Disorder; Axis two: Paranoid Schizophrenia; Axis three: Delusional perceptive disorder; and he's all yours!!! Good luck with that.

    Dennis ChallinorDennis Challinor2 days ago
  • I always say; ANYTHING TRUMP SAYS, IS ALWAYS AN ELABORATION, A LIE, OR COMPLETELY FABRICATED STORY.........TRUTH RARELY ESCAPES HIS LIPS, AND THE LIPS OF OTHERS WORKING FOR HIM......LOVE THAT LAST IDEA AT THE END! Has anyone actually tried it yet?? I believe it could work. Some things said in a joke, should be taken seriously.

    Christina DavageChristina Davage2 days ago
  • The Media is retarded

    Sharpz Rasor bladezSharpz Rasor bladez2 days ago
  • I love your show and if you can't help me I will still watch it. I need help paying for my service dog's training. I'm not Trump and I'm not kidding. My ESA (Emotional Support Animal) dog for my PTSD died last Oct 11th. His name was Butters and Boxer Pitbull mix. Federal Workman's Comp will pay for a new ESA dog (we paid for Butters and his obedience training (2k) but couldn't afford to pay for Service dog training. Butters died at 4 1/2 after we remortgaged the house to pay his vet bills (close to 10k). It might sound silly but I'm 63 and at 42 I was on a business trip for the Federal Govt and as I walked across a street a pickup ran a red light and hit me and screwed up my upper and lower spine and gave me Tramatic Brain Injury and PTSD. I'm lucky to be alive. Getting Butters made me feel safe to be in stores and outside (not right now because of the Covid-19 and cause he died) I'm on a fixed income and can't afford the cost of Service dog training, a step up from ESA. Service Dogs are allowed by law to be with you everywhere but ESA dogs can be denied access to any place that says they won't allow them in. Kind of defeats the purpose of an ESA. I am looking at a potential new dog this week and Federal Workman's Comp will pay for the dog, obedience training, food and vet bills. I feel I should pay for the food and vet bill up to $500.00 because I don't want to be abusing my Federal Workman's Comp benefits but if they won't pay for Service dog training I can't afford to myself. Even if you can't help me if you know of any other way I can get help getting him trained I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time, you, your family and everyone else don't listen to the orange Me Potato Head we have for president and stay healthy and safe. Thanks Ric Armstrong

    Richard Neal ArmstrongRichard Neal Armstrong3 days ago
  • Very ironic unemployment predictions. Trump may actually be able to see into the future.

    Jordan ClarkJordan Clark3 days ago
  • 8

    MikeMike3 days ago
    • 9uy

      MikeMike3 days ago
  • That last five minutes is, arguably, the funniest shit ever.

    Bob PurcellBob Purcell3 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1400">23:20</a> that hasn't aged well

    PatrioticxPatrioticx3 days ago
  • Hi coronavirus

    max contrerasmax contreras3 days ago
  • that commercial was the best commercial i've ever seen XD

    A KA K3 days ago
  • Funny coming back at this point in time and seeing Trump talk about the unemployment rate (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="197">3:17</a>) and seeing the currently unemployment rate at the time of this post being 14.7%

    Kevin GalindoKevin Galindo3 days ago
  • I’m watching this in May 2020. Gotta say, it’s odd to hear audience laughter now. It sounds so foreign.

    Stephanie SStephanie S4 days ago
  • It's been 3 years, i forgot about the RuPaul joke... And honestly considering the rapists running, I'd rather have him.

    Munster BaccaMunster Bacca4 days ago
  • three plus years later, in the midst of a universal pandemic disease, he still lies. Like a dog, he lies.

    FlapkattFlapkatt4 days ago
  • And still 28k retards clicked ''dislike'' ...

    Mario PintoMario Pinto4 days ago
  • 👍🤔🙄Wed. 5/20/20 and it's only getting Worse! Thanks John and Peace to all the World ✌😷✌

    Ral RalRal Ral4 days ago
  • That man is a blundering logical fallacy.

    Connor DickersonConnor Dickerson4 days ago
  • Failed comedian over in UK. Trump jokes are just cheap comedy. Poor poor effort of a comedian

    Charles BuckleyCharles Buckley5 days ago
  • This was assigned as a reading for my uni course relating to the topic of fake news, thing is, I'm in Australia, just goes to show how this is not the best time for the media.

    William CadenheadWilliam Cadenhead5 days ago
  • Ever wonder what makes a third world country? Wonder no more.

    Anasazi TribeAnasazi Tribe5 days ago
  • I’m from the future you ain’t seen shit yet 2020

    Marshall WolfeMarshall Wolfe5 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1067">17:47</a> “No you haven’t, Melissa.” Ouch.

    Jorge JohnsonJorge Johnson5 days ago
  • I missed cofefeh days

    BNCBNC5 days ago
  • The people that watch FOX News understands him because they are all brain dead..

    Jeromegrant JohnsJeromegrant Johns5 days ago
  • Are we at 42% yet?

    Intuition GoddessIntuition Goddess5 days ago
  • Loved every minute of ur show keep it up thanks..

    John OrtizJohn Ortiz5 days ago
  • This one desperately asks for Part 2!!!

    Thompter S. HunsonThompter S. Hunson5 days ago
  • This video hasn't aged at all. That's sad, but than again, the USA has a sad media

    Rei KurokiRei Kuroki5 days ago
  • But didn't the lady who founded planned parenthood believe in eugenics?

    Louis FeolaLouis Feola5 days ago
  • Watching this May 19 2020 and I had no idea it was 3 years ago

    Little Annie AdderallLittle Annie Adderall5 days ago
  • John oliver

    John AlbertJohn Albert5 days ago
  • Go back to England... You aren't patriotic at all. In fact, you are sympathetic to the King prior to the Declaration of Independence.

    Graham AddisonGraham Addison5 days ago
  • love how he takes these people apart ,the boris johnson one is spot on ...john oliver is a class act ,amazing he dosent get more fame over here in the UK

    John TJohn T5 days ago
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    michał błażejmichał błażej5 days ago
  • Oh man... The ages of Sean Spicer. This video aged... Weird.

    Adam PineAdam Pine5 days ago
  • Who else got used to no audience (quarantine mode)? I think I like it better without haha.

    jesse gaultjesse gault6 days ago
  • No, it did not rain, God pissed on it.

    Serious MaranSerious Maran6 days ago
  • You could run this episode today and all of it will still be relevant!!

    Kathy WeddleKathy Weddle6 days ago
  • OH, no--two years later and it's sooooo much worse!!!

    Lilith RogersLilith Rogers6 days ago
  • Yup, 42% unemployment. We're getting there.

    TheFuck6666TheFuck66666 days ago
  • “That little fella there is...the clitoris. Donald if you don’t know it’s okay to ask!” Lol 😂 3 yrs later and in the middle of a pandemic, nothing has changed!!!🤦🏻‍♀️

    Libi PhotographyLibi Photography6 days ago
  • Presdent TRAMP .

    Marc Pleines SchaeferMarc Pleines Schaefer6 days ago
  • Why are media not cut out the bullshit he say and just shere the true and needfull thing coming from trump. :)

    Bjarni TryggvasonBjarni Tryggvason6 days ago
  • Hey Jonny boy, looking like a jerk....oh, didn't you say he wouldn't be president....lies Jon! Oh, I know, the snowflake reading this will say something about John being misspelled, but who cares right Joni, a lie is a lie is a lie!

    TWS VanTWS Van6 days ago
    • @Stephen2462 Well, you have a good day now 2462 : )!

      TWS VanTWS Van5 days ago
    • @TWS Van Yes it is, especially because it's true.

      Stephen2462Stephen24625 days ago
    • @Stephen2462 Hahahaha, now that is funny!

      TWS VanTWS Van5 days ago
    • @TWS Van Sorry, but I've no interest in your twisted fantasies. How about you just admit you were stupid enough to tie your sense of self-worth to a coman's political success and move on?

      Stephen2462Stephen24625 days ago
    • @Stephen2462 Actually it is sad to see Joe speak, no really, it is sad! We think he is sick and needs to be looked after at home....just don't want to see him suffer because it is going to get real tough for him. Personally, Joe will likely not make it to the election before he has a breakdown and he won't even know why!

      TWS VanTWS Van5 days ago
  • tRump lies about God and yet they still support him.

    Alan WatsonAlan Watson6 days ago
  • I got the jet fuel joke, John. Don’t worry.

    Jack BrandonJack Brandon7 days ago
  • trump is an asshole. Sorry, he's an asshole's asshole.

    Rigel MoonRigel Moon7 days ago
  • Priorities are clear: After 3 1/2 years in office, as of today, only one mile of faulty 'wall' (fence) has been constructed at a price of 11+ billion dollars (nextgovdotcom). As of today, 91,000 USA people have died from COVID-19, and 1.5 million+ known cases have been recorded (NAV MED VIDEOS), while feds have spent only 2.6 billion dollars on COVID-19 'supplies and services' (nextgovdotcom) .

    oo7 days ago
  • please stop talking about trump, boring

    JA AndrsonJA Andrson7 days ago
  • only thing trump and truth is a tru

    nevermore from pastnevermore from past7 days ago
  • Another limey telling us all how to live... even though he left the UK to live and work in the US...

    Roger HaspeckRoger Haspeck7 days ago
    • Gee, it's almost as if he lives here now and our problems are now his problems.

      Stephen2462Stephen24626 days ago
  • trump has killed america. fucking incompetent asshole is failing america daily in this pandemic.

    Alan DampogAlan Dampog7 days ago
    • And whenever he fucks up he just yells "OBAMAGATE!" he takes no responsibility for anything whatsoever

      OliviaOlivia7 days ago
  • so tired , being american with this idiot as president.

    Bill PedrozaBill Pedroza7 days ago
  • What a clown, but plp may like his accent.

    Alejandro CaceresRosanoAlejandro CaceresRosano8 days ago
  • 2 years later if even got worse. 300k dead people worldwide, 80k of those in the US and president moron is still not wearing a mask, shaking hands, says TESTS ARE OVERRATED. You believe he can not go more dumb, but he can...and he will!

    LaserGadgetsLaserGadgets8 days ago
  • It's almost over...thank god

    Joseph LewisJoseph Lewis8 days ago
  • Scary to think that idiot have the Gold Codes of nuclear bombs.

    Emanuel AEmanuel A9 days ago
  • bull shit ...........

    albert mataalbert mata9 days ago
    • Yes, yes he is. It's a shame a lot people still take Trump seriously in spite of it.

      Stephen2462Stephen24629 days ago
  • Why is some English Putz commenting on America ??? Go bury your head like your soldiers who marched around in circles in the Revolutionary War !

    Gary JohnsonGary Johnson9 days ago
    • @ZIGMONGER Your a F*ck*ng Illiterate Jack-Ass ! Got It ! Try making some sense when your NOT ON A BENDER ! Your 'bitching' about FREE SPEECH while trying to criticize people whose FREE SPEECH doesn't include YOUR delusional ranting makes you look like an ignorant child !

      Gary JohnsonGary Johnson7 days ago
    • As an American let me just say that the reason he's talking about this is because he fucking can you dimwit and if I want to talk about politics or life or culture in the country of oh I don't know let's say Belgium then I can because as an American I appreciate something called free speech, and while i I appreciate it for myself I appreciate it for every other person in the world too, regardless of whether it is allowable in their country or not. Hell, I'm an atheist but I speak of Christianity and Islam all the time: and not in a flattering way I might add....and to be sure that my criticism is well rounded in regards to monotheistic religions, let me include my opinion that Isreal should, frankly to put it mildly, check it's domestic policy, and no I'm not Jewish, an Israeli, and I've never been there but I have no problem injecting my two-cents worth and my opinion is not going to be squashed because I'm not an Israeli. Now it may have taken a rather odd route in getting here, but what I'm really trying to say is, and my right to say whatever the fuck I want, just like John Oliver's right to say whatever the fuck he wants, what I'm saying is,and yes I'll get to it now, is that you're a fucking DOLT (and we'll wait while your 2 digit IQ is hopefully enough to allow for you to use a dictionary to look it up.. that's DOLT with a "d" in lower case).

    • Sounds like a Trumpie got triggered.

      Stephen2462Stephen24629 days ago
  • In the age of corona...not much has changed

    Franky ContiFranky Conti9 days ago
  • Clapper's camera goes BLACK on CNN when asked about Obamagate The rats are worried.

    Watta WorldWatta World9 days ago
  • 3 years later and the lying hasn't even slowed

    tkam54tkam549 days ago