Sep 4, 2020
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Hey guys!! Today I am reviewing and testing Rare Beauty! Rare beauty is Selena Gomez's new brand exclusive to Sephora! I have heard NOTHING but good things about this brand, and it was SUPER hyped for me so I am really interested in seeing how it performs. I was surprised by the results, stick around to see my thoughts!
*** TO NOTE *** I DID NOT REALIZE that there are WAY more shades of the highlighters, 2 different blush formulas etc - I thought I received the *ENTIRE* collection but I received shades *FOR ME* so there are WAY more to choose from and I will link each individual type below, make sure you check them all out if you are interested in something that I may not have shown! (for example, I showed 4 highlighters, there are 8) they sent me the 4 lightest shades!
*Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation
*Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer
*Blot & Glow Touch-Up Kit
*With Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm
*Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick
*Soft Pinch Liquid Blush
*Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight
*Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Liner
*Always An Optimist Illuminating Primer
*Brow Harmony Pencil & Gel
*Always An Optimist 4-in-1 Prime & Set Mist
*Liquid Touch Foundation Brush
*Liquid Touch Multi-Tasking Makeup Sponge
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  • Kristi just found your videos , love them , can’t wait watch them all !

    Paula JanePaula JaneDay ago
  • Yes but it's nice to try and maybe find something that agrees with our skin and works well with our skin tones and makes us feel pretty which is the most important thing 😊🌷

    I CI CDay ago
    • Oh oh yes ! put a bit more darker eye liner i would like to see how you would look, probably bitching 😊👍

      I CI CDay ago
    • You are looking gorgeous 😊🌹

      I CI CDay ago
  • Sis you look beautiful! So so so many maybe too many makeup gurus are so used to the basic look to contour and a heavier makeup but y’all look even better toned down!!!! Gorgeous 💘

    angie jimenezangie jimenez2 days ago
  • Thank you, this is a beautiful look on you. I love the blush and lip gloss together. It's very innovative how the products are easy to open. I'm definitely buying the blush and gloss, plus I like Selena and her brand ethos.

    Natasha WNatasha W2 days ago
  • Kristi: "Is my cheek orange? Why? Does it look orange? Huh, maybe...Wait. Yeah, it's orange. GREAT!"

    MicheleMichele3 days ago
  • I think this is the prettiest look youve done, you look so naturally pretty, not cakey. Please do more looks like this

    Luna -Luna -4 days ago
  • You’re amazing! I don’t love those products.

    Kele BeckKele Beck7 days ago
  • Its piling up under your nose..

    Heather JonesHeather Jones7 days ago
    • that’s her nose ring😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lmaooo

      Marie ChevMarie Chev3 days ago
  • Hoping you have an honest opinion cause I know you do. Im sorry but this stuff makes me not excited. The makeup looks like little people by fisher price kid toys.

    Heather JonesHeather Jones7 days ago
  • I wish I could see what this looks like off camera cuz you look gorg!! Like I’m sold on the look

    Sarah SmithSarah Smith8 days ago
  • LOL I was so happy I saw you apply the blush before I went hard in the paint. Ya saved me there!

    Betsy Hackl BeautyBetsy Hackl Beauty9 days ago
  • Lol I like how you wear freaking iut about the blush, but by the time you were done with your makeup, the blush already toned down alot. You didn't even need to apply excess foundation from the foundation sponge. I want the blush now.

    Katelynn LeeKatelynn Lee9 days ago
  • I literally love you!!! Your such an incredible woman, huge inspiration!!! 👋👋👋

    Rayys GardenRayys Garden9 days ago
  • First time seeing you. You are beautiful. The nose ring takes away from your beauty....IMHO....I'd remove it. Nice review, tho'. Loved it!

    RavenRaven10 days ago
  • You my dear are so beautiful, always no matter what look you do and wether you've got makeup on or not.

    Felicia SpringerFelicia Springer10 days ago
  • I just realized you sound like Selena 👁👄👁

    BettyGTVBettyGTV11 days ago
  • Your son is going to see these videos and say,”I have a beautiful mommy!”🥰

    Sara SalesSara Sales11 days ago
  • I feel like this is my kind of makeup. If you look at my picture, you can see I like bold reds on my lips. I think with my pale skin and blond hair looks good. Others may think different, I don't know, but I feel like it's my kind of look.

    Sami RezlerSami Rezler12 days ago
    • I appreciate that! I always felt like I was a one-trick pony, but I found some different colors that looked good in the last year!

      Sami RezlerSami Rezler3 days ago
    • It looks good on you that retro vibe. I on the other hand look terrible in red lipstick or bold lips in general or lipstick. It’s like a club I can not join.

      TracyTracy3 days ago
  • I LOVE the way you look because I have a similar face shape and brows. That being said, and it isn't your brows, but that brow gel makes you look like you have neanderthal brows. They stick straight up, and I know your eyebrows are usually on point. Definitely skip that piece in the future 🤣

    Sami RezlerSami Rezler12 days ago
  • Can you possibly do a video for beginners and subs use drug store products? Covergirl, elf... etc!? Please and thank you!!

    Stephanie GuffeyStephanie Guffey12 days ago
  • do the morphe2 who cares, id love YOUR opinion on the products.

    Hayley PasintHayley Pasint12 days ago
  • I’m excited for this brand. But I will wait for a Black Friday sale or somethin 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Eileen GalindoEileen Galindo12 days ago
  • Hello? What are the magnetic lashes you would recommend? With my disabilities I can’t do the regular kinds . I am on disability so I have to be wise with what I buy. Has to be good quality. Hope you can help.

    Paula MariePaula Marie12 days ago
  • I think she said "eye bag area" but I heard "eye bag arena" and I was cracking up. Lol

    Kaci SchertzKaci Schertz12 days ago
  • The moment you realise she sounds just like Selena 👀 bro... their voices sound the same xD ironic hahahaa

    Olivia MccuskerOlivia Mccusker12 days ago
  • 32:13 I think the word your looking for is tacky! Great video!

    April SanchezApril Sanchez13 days ago
  • You make me smile and I don’t even realize I’m smiling ❤️

    JasmineJasmine13 days ago
  • You most likely will not see my comment but girl I absolutely adore your personality🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    JasmineJasmine13 days ago
  • thatsalotta foundation

    rupirupi13 days ago
  • It’s the first time I’m seeing a video of you. The less I can say is that I loooove your energy :) you’re very pure and lovely! I might just have found my new favorite channel ✨

    Carmi VionnetCarmi Vionnet13 days ago
  • Us oily queens are out here screaming at all the creams

    OfieOfie13 days ago
  • You are amazing xxxx

    Happy DoughnutHappy Doughnut14 days ago
  • The foundation dried my skin out so much.

    Harmony SageHarmony Sage14 days ago
  • Maybe you need to pick the powder puff to release the powder 💟

    Joanne KellyJoanne Kelly15 days ago
  • Honestly with a little brighter of a pink on your cheeks and a bold lip you look gorgeous. You're gorgeous either way but I mean I think it really like accentuates that natural look and you look more blushy than bold

    Emerald SundyEmerald Sundy15 days ago
  • I think you cant make a review of a foundation without putting moisturizing first. This review has no value to me, I dont believe ive seen a video like this about makeup, thats not professional.

    Isa NogueiraIsa Nogueira15 days ago
  • i really like how it came out so natural looking

    MIKI HAIRMIKI HAIR16 days ago
  • You speak a loooooooooottttt

    Mamita minichaMamita minicha17 days ago
  • Have you tried the stansout spongw

    Julie ByrdJulie Byrd17 days ago
  • That illuminator looks so pretty!

    Nancy HernandezNancy Hernandez18 days ago
  • Omg the foundation was so unfortunate I didn’t put that much on but my nose look sooo dry for some reason. I really wanted to like this foundation cause I love the applicator

    Xoxo XoxoXoxo Xoxo19 days ago
  • Hi can you review make up by Mario???? Please thanks!!!

    John WilgerJohn Wilger19 days ago
  • Looks like romantic date makeup 💄 like you would wear on valentine 😄your makeup videos more interesting and fun to watch

    JM DelaquestaJM Delaquesta19 days ago
  • rawbeautykristi trying to like rare beauty for 42 minutes straight

    Petar KPetar K19 days ago
  • Have you ever gone through your skincare routine? Cleanser, moisturizer, any actives like retinol?

    Foxy LovelaceFoxy Lovelace20 days ago
  • The horrible plastic squeaking sound that the liquid products lids make when twisting on/off... Makes my ears bleed.

    babybunnybabybunny20 days ago
  • It's not you. I said something not negative, not positive, but benign related to these products and was attacked by the mob defending Selena personally for some very very strange reason. I'm sure they're great products for some but maybe not for those with oily skin.

    SanastasSanastas20 days ago
  • "Am i dumb..? " 😂

    hanim hassanhanim hassan20 days ago
  • She made the packaging so older people, people with arthritis or disabilities can be able to open them easily. She said the makeup is meant for a natural look.

    Karyn Nash CollinsKaryn Nash Collins21 day ago
  • I think you look beautiful in this look. And love the naturalness of it.

    Fiona JaneFiona Jane21 day ago
  • Omg that eyebrow color they sent you!!! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭 Noooooo

    SevenSeven23 days ago
  • I was just about to say take the puff and pounded it and you'll see the powder and she did it. Bam

    Lisa PPhoenixLisa PPhoenix25 days ago
  • I think its a really pretty natural look like a every day look- for me anyways 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Sharose hSharose h26 days ago
  • You are the best Kristi! Love your personality so much!!

    Aly GageAly Gage26 days ago
  • Kristi, you look so good in this! I'm loving this more natural look. This is how I wear make up. Often I don't even wear foundation. Especially now that I'm wearing masks when I go out and to work. I also like the unkempt brow look, because my brows are naturally that way and I just go with it.

    AliasAlias26 days ago
  • I love Kristi. Been binge watching her videos since quite some time now. So, when I watched this video I lost confidence in the brand and it was already enroute. So I go, oh well, we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Finally I received the package. I tried the products and I kinda liked it. Then, I did my makeup how Selena explained and went out and I LOVED IT!!!! The smell, the texture, the longevity; everything was just wow. And I loved how it was natural and not instragrammy. I would totally recommend Rare Beauty to everybody who is looking for something easy to wear everyday. And no hate against Kirsti at all!!! Most makeup gurus are not feeling Rare Beauty because - 1. They are really good at makeup. They are able to expertly create no-makeup natural looks easily which is a challenge for most of us. 2. The brand is targeted at ease of use and daily wear. Edit - I had done a typo. Wrote Rarw instead of Rare.

    Sanjana SinhaSanjana Sinha26 days ago
  • Do you ever do giveaways with the PR products you dont use?

    Thera RaioThera Raio27 days ago
  • The highlighters really remind me of the Flesh liquid highlighter that I have, only not as in your face as that one is. I'm digging it for a low-key highlight kinda day.

    Lacey ELacey E27 days ago
  • Don't give any moms advice but you kinda put it out there, the nose Frida is the only thing we can use for new borns all over the world, with that, sterimar is a salted water solution to spray in nose, I still have mine 6years later just coz the others have stuff in it that clears it up but after few days have to stop using, this is just a saline solution. Another mom tip, karvol or eucalyptus or whatever it is called in USA, to open bronchi or nose etc, oily drops, drop onto washcloth, slide washcloth underneath baby pillow or head, cos not too in your face and dropping onto pillow leaves oily stains. Oooh, can't wait.

    Lize Du PreezLize Du Preez27 days ago
  • RE the blusher: Selena was on NikkieTutorials and told/showed how to use it - with a warning ⚠️: "It's extremely pigmented!" She used 2 tiny dots (paler chicks could do with even 1!), and then used a *wet* brush to diffuse it over her skin. It looked gorgeous! Nikkie did her own thing and needed to blend like an idiot and then use concealer again to make it less clownish😁. In other words: it has a manual! It'll last you a gazillion years probably*. The same goes for the rest. It's all meant to be a more natural style. (I do think you look amazing Kristi.) Perhaps the foundation sucks, but I don't use that anyway 😁 (anymore). (NB*. I've never ever followed those xxM "max months use" instructions on makeup, except for foundation and concealer, because those simply separate. As long as it looks and smells normal and okay you can still use it. Part of those expiration dates are to make you buy more makeup). I hope they bring out a bronzer and contour ASAP!

    Miss Sunny DeeMiss Sunny Dee27 days ago
  • An almost completely cream/liquid based line meant to emphasise your natural beauty... sign me up!! I went cream/liquid based two years ago, but it's still very hard to find affordable products for my pale, sensitive face. RB is above my regular price point, but I might save up for a few things, especially since she's financially supporting mental health initiatives and this entire brand could hopefully reach girls, boys and men and women who feel less than they are.

    Miss Sunny DeeMiss Sunny Dee27 days ago
  • Great review! Very in-depth!

    Elizabeth BradshawElizabeth Bradshaw27 days ago
  • I’m so glad I watched your first impression video on Rare Beauty! I think the look you created is very pretty 😍 I know what products I want to get. The foundation is very beautiful and the blush is like HOLY PIGMENTED!

    LaLa CarrollLaLa Carroll27 days ago
  • Your skin but better kind of look ❤️ I feel like they executed what they were trying to do as their brand and it looks really good!

    Chacha466Chacha46628 days ago
  • I think you're the first one that mentioned scent and that's so important for me because I have asthma and scented things not only affect my lungs but also my sensitive skin. This makes me more interested in the line for that reason alone.

    Daenaeris TartigradeDaenaeris Tartigrade28 days ago
  • I feel like a lot of people just praise this brand because its selena. I tried some of the products and they're mediocre at best. Nothing special 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Saria akuiSaria akui28 days ago
  • Thank you for sharing that the cover up didn't have fragrance.. i have mcs, so i can't use stuff with artificial fragrances which makes shopping so hard sometimes!!!

    HopePhotoGHopePhotoG28 days ago
  • I love Selena Gomez but I hate that when a celebrity does a makeup line all you makeup gurus give it a more positive optimistic review. Had this been a new unknown brand the second the sponge 🧽 got stuck tone of the video would be so so much different.

    Official ProfilerOfficial Profiler28 days ago
  • Love the subtle nod to Robert Welsh with the concealer technique/application!! Love you both from FL❤️️❤️️

    mangachanfanmangachanfan28 days ago
  • The packaging was designed so that those with trouble opening packages will do so with ease. An example: Lupas, RA etc

    Jenn SkiJenn Ski28 days ago
  • Kristi you are the best! Love your sense of humour and silliness. We want more!

    R. BrayR. Bray29 days ago
  • Now that you’ve got that baby boy coming your husband should think about his IG name bc he’s most definitely NOT unhallowed..The Lord has blessed both you guys in too many ways lol He’s helped you to be able to financially take care of your family...I’m not being a hater I just call it like I see it I love y’all tho Kristi!

    jilljill29 days ago
  • Hi Kristi! Girl, that was a struggle for you! Takeaways are, if you like more full, more glam you won't not like this. Easy on the blush, a little goes a,long way (the rule should always be folowed, start small), and the products are not bad just because you might prefer a different delivery system. BTW, I believe she developed this range to be inclusive to more mature skins as well as people who don't necessarily want to look like they are wearing a lot of makeup, in addition to making some of the packaging easier for people who might have conditions like arthritis, etc.

    Carolyn KnierimCarolyn Knierim29 days ago
  • Kristi I just love you and your reviews so much ❤️

    Mikala ChaseMikala Chase29 days ago
  • Seen plenty of reviews for Rare Beauty and you're the first person I see actually reading the message from Selena. Never change, please 😀. And yes, I'd like to see you review Morphe 2.0 if possible.

    Ana Filipa GomesAna Filipa Gomes29 days ago
  • Cream/liquid blush just looks so natural! I can't wait to try some of her line!

    Christine ScottChristine Scott29 days ago
  • Legit question. Are you deformed or something

    lipglossbabyXOlipglossbabyXO29 days ago
    • Wtf are you even referencing?

      Brenda OgdenBrenda Ogden21 day ago
  • The sponge makes me think of the little sponges that used to come in capsules for bath time?

    Martha WMartha W29 days ago
  • Her foundation is something I did not like at all. On me it was sheer. So I’m surprised it went on so full coverage here. And I am a minimal foundation kind of person. For me less is more so completely different thoughts on that. And the foundation is just drying and emphasizes texture. I think ppl are a little bit wowed cuz this is such a good line that’s so affordable and good ingredients and it’s Selena... but the foundation is just bad. In my opinion.

    missjoasia123missjoasia12329 days ago
  • Please do The Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless Setting Spray!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Anngie SirumaAnngie Siruma29 days ago
  • I love the way she talks to herself because it's my constant monologue 😂😂

    LeighAnn NewsteadLeighAnn NewsteadMonth ago
  • Meh I could do without everything in this line

    Rebecca PerkinsRebecca PerkinsMonth ago
  • First time I didn't like a review of yours, but that's totally fine. As the many others here in the comment section wrote, it's a beauty brand for natural looking make up.

    ms sweetmissyms sweetmissyMonth ago
  • the way she whines and grunts has me dead 😂😂😂

    Amal AliAmal AliMonth ago
  • ive never really likes selenas makeup. cant see myself buying it

    EstheticsandcosmeticsEstheticsandcosmeticsMonth ago
  • Using too much of everything.

    AnupamaAnupamaMonth ago
  • So confused why they sent you, a cool neutral, all warm shades. What.

    HamflabagabaHamflabagabaMonth ago
    • And the warm brown eyebrow pencil. With dyed blonde hair and ash brown roots. Who was in charge of those decisions 😅

      HamflabagabaHamflabagabaMonth ago
  • I just got the love shade because I couldn't get joy. And I find it blends better with my beauty blender not a brush. Couple small small dots and blend out. I didn't have any problems after that!

    Megan SMegan SMonth ago
  • The packaging isn't made for those with disabilities! You guys are spreading misinformation. Some Twitter stan said that and everyone ran with it. The brand has even said that wasn't their intention but they'll consider it for the future.

    Lauren GallagherLauren GallagherMonth ago
  • God these comments are so annoying. Makeup is makeup. Everyone has different preferences for what they want. Kristi knows what she's talking about and if you think she's being unfair just try the product for yourself! Y'all are going so hard for Selena and she will literally never know your name. Relax!

    Lauren GallagherLauren GallagherMonth ago
  • Wow! Kristi you look magnificently gorgeous and ultra youthful, looking like a Korean makeup vibe. I love this.

    Vee EliseVee EliseMonth ago
  • Not an "am I orange" foundation! Yay

    Stephanie RobinsonStephanie RobinsonMonth ago
  • I love how all makeup USkeysrs review new makeup like they’ve never used makeup before

    Ayesha SaeedAyesha SaeedMonth ago
  • Yes tell us about Morphe 2!!!!!

    jillian beebejillian beebeMonth ago
  • "Am i dumb" lmao girl same all the the time

    yessi weyyessi weyMonth ago
  • I love that lip you have on Kristi! I think you're kinda same as me where I don't like full on lip colors on myself but do on others. I do blotted lips with toned down colors or glosses almost always. But dang, I really loved that lip color with the simple makeup. 💋❤️

    LibraVibeLibraVibeMonth ago
  • I received the sponge and it reminds me of the Stans Out sponge. If you like that one you may like this one.

    Kekkelpenney PeckeltootKekkelpenney PeckeltootMonth ago
  • Although she can never be replaced, you are my go to since Jenna Marbles left USkeys. You are real, funny, honest, and just an all around awesome person. 💗

    Felicity FindsFelicity FindsMonth ago
    • @mangachanfan of course! ☺ everyone should know about them and she needs all the love she can get. Leaving youtube broke her heart. Hope you enjoy!

      Felicity FindsFelicity Finds28 days ago
    • @Felicity Finds Hahaha!! I just checked that one out!! Soo freaking cute! Thanks for the suggestion babe! I appreciated that. Wouldn't have known about her otherwise =) xoxox from FL

      mangachanfanmangachanfan28 days ago
    • @mangachanfan just look up the otter hand dance by them. So cute.

      Felicity FindsFelicity Finds28 days ago
    • @mangachanfan I think she still has some stuff still up but she took down most of her old stuff because that was what people were complaining about. A lot of her new stuff is about her super cute dogs and cooking with Julian, her boyfriend. He is super funny too and really talented videographer. She in his stuff too. They are basiclly the cutest couple on youtube lol.

      Felicity FindsFelicity Finds28 days ago
    • @Felicity Finds Ohhh! I didn't know that! Wow. That sucks. Are there still videos/channel? or everything gone? Thanks for filling me in lol. I like this style of content and always happy to see more..

      mangachanfanmangachanfan28 days ago
  • I think it’s weird the blushes are so pigmented when it’s meant to be a natural line. Buildable blushes are easier to use. That’s a reason this brand feels so inconsistent, it’s supposed to be “easy to use” and more “natural” then boom pure pigment liquid blushes that are hard for an experienced person to use.

    TheReclusiveTheReclusiveMonth ago
    • Selena said it was so that you would use less so that the product would last you a long time. More bang for your buck.

      Brenda OgdenBrenda Ogden21 day ago
  • Btw the reason the lip sheen or whatever it was called was so loose is so it’s accessible to people with arthritis wich Selena has from a result of lupus

    Christian CarmanChristian CarmanMonth ago