James Charles Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

Dec 20, 2019
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HI SISTERS! I recently found out that I was the THIRD most Googled person in the world this year... insane. 💀 I figured with that many searches, there must be a lot of questions too. Inspired by WIRED, I decided to answer the web's most search questions! Enjoy!
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  • HERMANAS! Si quieres un otro video en español, dale un 👍🏼👍🏼 al video 👀

    James CharlesJames Charles6 months ago
    • omg yes

      • mochii •• mochii •Month ago
    • when you put in google translate... btw apparently it says "SISTERS! If you want another video in Spanish, give the video a 👍🏼👍🏼"

      Marjorie BunchMarjorie BunchMonth ago
    • Bilingual queen

      Bri MBri MMonth ago
    • Worst year is 2020

      Dijon DilaraDijon Dilara2 months ago
    • Okay James! Yo voy a hacerlo agora!

      Evelyn BolgerEvelyn Bolger3 months ago
  • me hearing james say try have awful eye sight me watching this with one I closed because I got pinged with a ball into my eye and waiting for my mama to come back to ask her if we have eye patches

    Vanessa LynchVanessa LynchHour ago
  • yeah um can we travel back to 2019... i swear to god when 2020 ends instead of hearing "Happy New Year" we will hear "Level 1 complete 2020. Level 2 loading... 2021"

    Rodi KonstantinovaRodi Konstantinova2 hours ago
  • Cause he wears a lot of girly girl makeup 😆

    Xavier ArmijoXavier Armijo3 hours ago
  • Mexicano sii tutti

    Jack Block strikeJack Block strike4 hours ago
  • “Thank god it’s been quite a year”. Me:👁👄👁

    Adela BeckAdela Beck6 hours ago
  • 10:28 thank me later xD

    Ernest JumalievErnest Jumaliev6 hours ago
  • Hiii sisters cringy shit never watching😭👎🏾

    Not RiftzNot Riftz6 hours ago
  • BRING BACK 2019

    Bella YTBella YT8 hours ago
  • People watching this in 2020 when he says 2019 has been quite the year HA THATS FUNNY

    wise owl AJwise owl AJ8 hours ago
  • hi im from the futre and rn im telling u that i should live ur life on 2019 cos u wil not be allowes to go out for the whole year bacically

    Sonia RoseSonia Rose13 hours ago
  • I am not tran, I am *man* I’m dying 😂😂😂

    •ItsAvery••ItsAvery•15 hours ago
  • june is gemini

    Hailey UrbielHailey Urbiel16 hours ago
  • IM A GEMINI!!!!!

    Itskennedy GachaItskennedy Gacha16 hours ago
  • 10:28 😂😂😂

    Eu Sunt ToneEu Sunt Tone21 hour ago
  • OMGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! My birthday is also on May 23th❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    ********************Day ago
  • I am not at all a fan of beauty USkeysrs or the community (too much drama!), like I'm not subscribed to anyone, not even JC but I do watch a couple of his videos But honestly I really like this guy he's just so cute and likable 🤷‍♀️ He's a beautiful and joyable soul, keep being you James (:

    Line Juhl LaustsenLine Juhl LaustsenDay ago
  • Hey James this is Billie I’m on my family members account I’ve been thinking maybe you can do my make up??

    Brynlee MillerBrynlee MillerDay ago
  • When he says PewDiePie revived Minecraft, me: no LAZARBEAM did

    Ashvik GargAshvik GargDay ago
  • james: 2019 has been... quite the year 2020: BuCklE up CoWboY 🤠

    Maggie PetersonMaggie PetersonDay ago
  • Little did you know 2020 is horrible so far

    Emily osurEmily osurDay ago
  • Eeeeeeeek my b-day is May 22 I’m shook

    TORI TTORI TDay ago
  • poor james. he was so exited for 2020 lol

    Sophie StoughSophie StoughDay ago
  • Omg I just noticed James birthday is 3 days after my brothers I’m still new sorry for not knowing

    Tara BaconTara BaconDay ago
  • no one not a single soul: james charles: mUaAAaAaaaA

    Olivia KallasOlivia KallasDay ago
  • 2020 anyone??

    im cady laderaim cady laderaDay ago
  • Since I was 2 I have been watching you 2_8 YEARS OLD

    Gaming with immy Let's play robloxGaming with immy Let's play roblox2 days ago
  • Yeah 2020 ain’t better 😭

    Ashleigh xoxoAshleigh xoxo2 days ago
  • James: we all use it on a daily basis Me who uses safari instead:......

    Eevee PlayzEevee Playz2 days ago
  • Daaaaam my birthday is may 27!!!!!

    Shmarmy HarpShmarmy Harp2 days ago
    • Shmarmy Harp OMG same!!

      Fenna IngversenFenna Ingversen2 days ago
  • Hey sisters xDDDD

    ItsSebasXDItsSebasXD2 days ago
  • "The amount of touch downs and home runs i got for the lakers this year was like ground breaking" omg in cryinggggggg 😂😂😂

    Georgie McGrathGeorgie McGrath2 days ago
  • My birthday is on the same day as james Charles

    Makenna OttendorfMakenna Ottendorf2 days ago
  • Where do James Charles live

    Bijay Gharti MagarBijay Gharti Magar2 days ago
  • my sis bday may 23

    Kynnidi DraperKynnidi Draper2 days ago
  • I love this because it says 2019 was quite a year and acting like you’re so like bad and 2020 is gonna be so much better and then you know....

    Lysi JordheimLysi Jordheim2 days ago

    NBA 2K Mobile SucksNBA 2K Mobile Sucks2 days ago
  • *2 mins of introduction*

    NBA 2K Mobile SucksNBA 2K Mobile Sucks2 days ago
  • James 2020 is going to be awesome Me u should of regretted saying that

    Amanda RossAmanda Ross2 days ago
  • "and as of right now sksksks and I oop I don't know"

    DHDH3 days ago
  • “2019 had been quite the year. Oh you just wait honey.

    That Random Girl on YoutubeThat Random Girl on Youtube3 days ago
  • I'm polish and Irish too

    Joshua YeatesJoshua Yeates3 days ago
  • Me watching this in 2020

    Jessel DelgadoJessel Delgado3 days ago
  • James: 2019 has been quite the year, 2020 is going to be a blast. Corona virus, police brutality, Kobe and Gigi Briant, inequality: Oh really, not so fast!

    Toni SalakoToni Salako3 days ago
  • I'm polish :)

    DiamondDomxDiamondDomx3 days ago
  • “And 2020 is coming” flash forward to everyone panicking and buying toilet paper

    Hannah CharlesHannah Charles3 days ago
  • I wish 2020 wasn't upon us

    Leia CariappaLeia Cariappa3 days ago
  • James Charles : *thankful 2019 is ending* 2020 : *arrives* Coronavirus : "HI SISTERS" Edit: Corona and everything else that's going on "HI SISTERS!!!!!"

    emilio ledesmaemilio ledesma3 days ago
  • This is so funny

    Kaedra TimmKaedra Timm3 days ago
  • What is James Charles sexuality? V E r Y G A Y L O L

    Gl0wGl0w3 days ago
  • James, we love your videos... Keep it up!!!

    Eclipse PupzEclipse Pupz3 days ago
  • Oh sis it was not that bad

    yulima espinosayulima espinosa3 days ago
  • Woah, our birthdays are 5 days apart mine is May, 27

    Daniella TrujilloDaniella Trujillo4 days ago
    • Mine is may 26

      StoutAshStoutAsh4 days ago
  • welcome to 2020 sister you should have stuck with 2019

    Riley O'BryanRiley O'Bryan4 days ago
  • "Tom Brady and LeBron james" sister james basketball and football aren't the same thing sweetie ilysm🖤💜💙💚💛❤

    Shooter WelchShooter Welch4 days ago
  • hi

    Ava KassahunAva Kassahun4 days ago
  • When he says 2019 is quite the year we all agree and then 2020 hits us-

    Alex WeebAlex Weeb4 days ago
  • I love how you turned the jokes ppl tried to make of you into wholesome memes in your videos, i was cracking

    IzzyIzzy4 days ago
  • Hi you kind of cute daddy 💞🥺

    Lol PopLol Pop4 days ago
  • We have the same birthday!!!!!!!

    christina scruggschristina scruggs4 days ago
  • babe ruth is my cousin. my gmas moms last name is ruth and it was her 2nd cousin💞

    mya_elaine08mya_elaine084 days ago
  • james: 2020 is gonna be great coronavirus: hold up🤚

    Phoebe RoylePhoebe Royle5 days ago
  • ah the innocence of 2019

    SlothSloth5 days ago
  • his b day is may 23 mine is may 30 😂🤣

    Sivan Zehavi StarrSivan Zehavi Starr5 days ago
  • Can you follow me James

    Torie DansigTorie Dansig5 days ago
  • Omg when you sang I was laughing

    Vallery BoatengVallery Boateng5 days ago
  • And my name is nikita banared I am 10 years old I ma watching on a big tablet and you are my idol and I am a girl

    Chris BarnardChris Barnard5 days ago
  • My birthday is in May 4 2010

    Chris BarnardChris Barnard5 days ago
  • You made a mistake dont wish that 2020 is going to be good because it's not

  • James:2020 is gonna be the best Corona Virus:you think so

    Flozel - flo & denzel - sibling FlorencedenzelFlozel - flo & denzel - sibling Florencedenzel5 days ago
  • I polish:> 🇵🇱

    Maja OcickaMaja Ocicka5 days ago
  • I wish we stayed in 2019

    Aiden WorgzAiden Worgz5 days ago
  • When you pretend to be in a interview😂

    Mellow TeaMellow Tea5 days ago
  • I love your makeup❤💖💕

    The good life With MadiThe good life With Madi5 days ago
  • Omg eye makeup is sickening

    TornadoALIcat Toy ReviewsTornadoALIcat Toy Reviews5 days ago
  • My birthday is May 22

    Emanuelle Gia Marie PeliñoEmanuelle Gia Marie Peliño5 days ago
  • Omg love your luivevutton look

    Isabel HernándezIsabel Hernández5 days ago
    • Isabel Hernández SAME

      Kennedy BodieKennedy Bodie5 days ago
  • What is James Charles net worth? James: that's for me to know and for you to never find out me: searches James Charles net worth its 22 million

    Fé DaelmanFé Daelman5 days ago
  • Wish I could go back to 2019

    Zamagubevu MtshabeZamagubevu Mtshabe6 days ago
  • James Charles:2019 Was Quite The Year Everyone In 2020: I WANT TO TIME TRAVEL BACK TO 2019

    Izzie Marie Diamond HeartsIzzie Marie Diamond Hearts6 days ago