KSI - Cap (feat. Offset) [Official Music Video]

May 22, 2020
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Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com www.premierleagueentertainmen...
Director: TajvsTaj
Ex. Producer: Elijah Long
Producer: Kacee Devoe
Editor: Andre Jones
Production Company: Walk On Water Pictures
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  • W

    Dead_ Rose204Dead_ Rose204Hour ago
  • Epilepsi warning

    dp_fish clandp_fish clanHour ago
  • Cap.

    tomi kalanyostomi kalanyos3 hours ago
  • The hook shoulda been I can't be no friends with no lame 😂. No cap sound dumb and ruins the flow alot

    BrrazzyBrrazzy3 hours ago
  • Tbh this song is trash..

    Taco MaroTaco Maro5 hours ago
  • I’m trying to process if “I can’t be no friends with no cap” has the right grammar to make sense 😫🥴

    Viper 76Viper 769 hours ago
  • Editor: how many seizures do you want? KSI: YESS!

    J1J19 hours ago
  • 0:35 whats her insta lmao

    N1GGAN1GGA10 hours ago
  • ksi is cringe

    Adam TownsAdam Towns10 hours ago
  • Nobody: Offset:🤜🏿🤛🏿✊🏿👊🏿🖐🏿🤲🏿👐🏿✋🏿🤚🏿👋🏿👌🏿✌🏿🤘🏿🤟🏿🤙🏿🤞🏿🖕🏿🖖🏿☝🏿👆🏿👇🏿👉🏿👈🏿👍🏿👎🏿

    phat hophat ho11 hours ago
  • When he said *window cat* bruh I felt that

    Kevinc_pKevinc_p12 hours ago
  • Bangin tune

    A.Rackzzz107 MzeeA.Rackzzz107 Mzee13 hours ago
  • People that need to be featured on a song with JJ. Offset ☑️ Travis Scott ❌ DaBaby ❌ Polo G ❌ Drake ❌ These are the people I’d like to see JJ make a song with🔥

    Obese HippoObese Hippo13 hours ago
  • Wtf why is this kinda good

    Blake PettyBlake Petty15 hours ago
    • Because jj getting better also offset underrated

      Nijua WardNijua Ward13 hours ago
  • Not gonna lie he low key stole j coles flow on one of his verses

    Senovio SanchezSenovio Sanchez15 hours ago
    • Don't matter

      Nijua WardNijua Ward13 hours ago
  • Why does JJ look so badass and scary in this music video. He seem looks like a chill dude but in this he is petrifying.😂😂😂

    Alpha Ghoul03Alpha Ghoul0319 hours ago
  • 99:00:00

    Damian 200IQDamian 200IQ22 hours ago
  • Have a good day

    Jjmate_thekidJjmate_thekidDay ago
  • I like both of KSI Deji Logan Jake

    Jjmate_thekidJjmate_thekidDay ago
    • @Nijua Ward logan has matured, his content is actually watchable now, as for Jake... Yeah no.

      Kevinc_pKevinc_p12 hours ago
    • Ok the first two are ok but the second two i don't know about that

      Nijua WardNijua Ward13 hours ago
  • You guys might hate me but I don’t care

    Jjmate_thekidJjmate_thekidDay ago
  • 25k diss likes wtf guys

    Mark LocyMark LocyDay ago
  • This do hit hard tho

    Omar TurkiOmar TurkiDay ago
  • Pará, vos no jugabas FIFA?

    uwuuwuDay ago
  • KSI should make a song with blueface

    Spencer AutunnoSpencer AutunnoDay ago
    • All blueface gon do is talk about guns bootie money and him being gangsta which i am pretty sure jj wouldn't want

      Nijua WardNijua Ward13 hours ago
  • Ima say it right now, ksi’s new album be hittin hard and this is coming from someone who doesn’t really listen to rap.

    Niamh SeeneyNiamh SeeneyDay ago
  • Is anybody going to talk about offset verse!🔥😎

    Anthony the manAnthony the manDay ago
  • This made my dad play this when he's doing Uber.

    Clipped_FN HClipped_FN HDay ago
  • 0:00 siren head be like

    optipsoptipsDay ago
  • my internet went out while listening to this and when it got fixed it automatically refreshed the page and the beginning blasted my headphones at max volume and scared the fucking SHIT out of me

    Crystal 301Crystal 301Day ago
  • Low key ksi looks jj olatunji

  • 7/10 offset carried

    Mike The CreatorMike The Creator2 days ago
  • With no cat.

    Nice!Nice!2 days ago
    • Window cat

      profish19profish19Day ago
  • Window cat

    Sean DuffySean Duffy2 days ago
  • ksi must've had some beef with some guy that had epilipsy to make this lol

    DarkTrollersProsDarkTrollersPros2 days ago
  • Its honestly so hard not to root for JJ, look how far he's come man.

    Josh TaitJosh Tait2 days ago

    R.SR.S2 days ago
  • guys how featuring works? they made their own lyrics or idk

    PedroPedro2 days ago
  • Ksi should do a song with Burna boy... 🇳🇬 STAND UP!

    FahimFahim2 days ago
  • Jj looks like he's having a stroke in the thunbnale lol

    Evan OEvan O2 days ago
  • This video contains flashing images

    Daryl DixonDaryl Dixon2 days ago
  • This is fye

    I’m Rico-_-I’m Rico-_-2 days ago
  • 1:37 i keep watching that bit i dont know why

    Daryl DixonDaryl Dixon2 days ago
  • Fifa need to this RESPECT (in cap)

    Luke CameronLuke Cameron2 days ago
  • Let's just say that JJ and Offset did their ting

    Zaman HussainZaman Hussain2 days ago
    • Kevinc_p yup

      Do NathanDo Nathan11 hours ago
    • No cap

      Kevinc_pKevinc_p12 hours ago
    • They did

      Do NathanDo Nathan15 hours ago
  • okay but like imagine KSI and JID or Denzel Curry on a track

    Omar MahmoudOmar Mahmoud2 days ago
  • this song is very good

    VeryOliverDumbVeryOliverDumb3 days ago
  • How is this good Ksi sounds like he bought a 5 dollar audio editer app and got his 80 year old grandpa to produce it

    Enrique LeonEnrique Leon3 days ago
  • No CAP I legit found this in a drill playlist (I actually did aswell lol)

    DynamoGamingDynamoGaming3 days ago
  • everyone probs got hyped when they saw offset

    The Official KevinThe Official Kevin3 days ago
  • Ima get a siezure from this music video 😂

    ClorineeeClorineee3 days ago
  • I really hate this channel

    • Go off it then and dont watch?

      Daryl DixonDaryl Dixon2 days ago
  • This dude was once a fifa gamer, really proves what hardwork and dedication can accomplish

    nicholas Whitehousenicholas Whitehouse3 days ago
  • ⚠⚠Flash Warning⚠⚠

    XxWolfiexX 2020XxWolfiexX 20203 days ago
  • Imagine me telling telling you in 2017 that Jj would have Offset as feature in one if his songs...

    Rajit RahmanRajit Rahman3 days ago
  • People not from tic tok can only like Btw Tik toks getting banned 🤣

    MobbyLinkMobbyLink3 days ago
  • I’m here before 10 mil

    Bilal HassanBilal Hassan3 days ago
  • very similar to Travis Scott. I say KSI should collab with Travis

    PesceShowPesceShow3 days ago
    • Holy shit IMAGINE THAT

      Just J8keJust J8ke2 days ago
  • Is this a song or a diss track on rice gum

    Toxic_Rafs31Toxic_Rafs313 days ago
  • why tf it has 25 k dislikes ? that's a banger

    Mati GMati G3 days ago
  • no cap

    TriS X - GamingTriS X - Gaming4 days ago
  • 0:59

    i61 98ii61 98i4 days ago
  • bruh how did this dude the offset..

    MidnightDevMidnightDev4 days ago
  • Set came wit the heat

    Quavo UndercoverQuavo Undercover4 days ago
  • Do a song with travis scott

    Yusuf SonkoYusuf Sonko4 days ago
  • Does anyone know who is the girl at 0:34 I think I saw her before

    sham thebestsham thebest4 days ago
    • Your dad

      aziz azizaziz aziz2 days ago
  • i actually like this song

    HeyWeirdo jHeyWeirdo j4 days ago
  • Why us there no epilepsy warning holy shit

    r6s very goodr6s very good4 days ago
  • 2:17 - who is the girl in the middle?

    Bass Boost HeavenBass Boost Heaven4 days ago
    • Your dad

      aziz azizaziz aziz2 days ago
  • 👍🏾👍🏾

    Toby MunizToby Muniz4 days ago
  • Offset turning up for the migos

    Davion DavidsonDavion Davidson4 days ago
  • Offset snapped!!

    Davion DavidsonDavion Davidson4 days ago
  • This is a bop

    Davion DavidsonDavion Davidson4 days ago
  • NO CAP

    Davion DavidsonDavion Davidson4 days ago
  • No fucking cap!!!

    Davion DavidsonDavion Davidson4 days ago
  • Damn son this song goes harrddd!!!!

    Davion DavidsonDavion Davidson4 days ago
  • Too bad KSI is on this song

    Sean McManusSean McManus4 days ago
    • That’s cap

      GrayTheGreatGrayTheGreat4 days ago
  • 0:36 anyone know her @ asking for a friend

    RyanRyan4 days ago
    • Simp

      CarrotStringCarrotString3 days ago
  • People with epilepsy watching this be like: 😳 -> 🤯

    Dusty 71Dusty 714 days ago
  • Do you know where in the description it says follow ksi on twitter and Instagram DOOOOOOOOOOOOOONT (lol)

    Zaman HussainZaman Hussain5 days ago
    • that's cap

      GrayTheGreatGrayTheGreat4 days ago
  • Man I kill it like im cooler Damn

    Saad RahmanSaad Rahman5 days ago