Quarantine Cooking with James Charles

Mar 27, 2020
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HI SISTERS! After THOUSANDS of requests, I finally filmed a Cooking With James video. I decided to try and make my favorite fast food restaurant, Raising Canes, from scratch. I definitely burned it all along the way, but enjoy and find out what the finished product looks like. Food network, watch out.
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


    Ferdi SimpatiFerdi Simpati13 minutes ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="202">3:22</a> fun right😆😂

    it's famousy.cit's famousy.c7 hours ago
  • Omg in the subtitles it misheard you speak and instead of "I HATE mayonnaise" is said "I hate babies"

    StrangerThingscatStrangerThingscat10 hours ago
  • My mom says your beautiful

    StrangerThingscatStrangerThingscat10 hours ago
  • Don’t worry James hate the cains sauce I love me some ketchup and bbq sauce yum 😋

    ThisWhale LikesBaconThisWhale LikesBacon10 hours ago
  • Rasing Canes Awesome I agree with you James love ya boi!

    Kermit De FrogKermit De Frog11 hours ago
  • James you are more funny with Cooking videos you’re also funny with the regular videos you make, but when you are cooking you are more open if you know what I mean. Can you plis make a cooking channel!!!!???? Bye

    Helbin 07Helbin 0711 hours ago
  • Use code “CANES” for 30-% off!

    Loser Is mah nameLoser Is mah name11 hours ago
  • More baking/cooking videos!

    Caroline McGillCaroline McGill12 hours ago
  • James: OH MY GUAD THIS IS SOOO GOOD *squeals Me: Tehehehehe don't be shy put some more!

    Abela Rai VlogsAbela Rai Vlogs12 hours ago
  • Oh my gosh I love you James I love your make-up tutorials and all

    Rael MunyivaRael Munyiva13 hours ago
  • “Sit down , saddle up” 😂I love you James and I love the pallet it’s my favourite

    Taylor222Taylor22214 hours ago
  • james + cooking = comedy lmao

    valerie loeravalerie loera14 hours ago
  • This was awesome.. I say we need more cooking with James!!!!

    Michelle LeatherwoodMichelle Leatherwood15 hours ago
  • I’m going to subway drive thru later

    Ally AwesomeAlly Awesome16 hours ago
  • The first time i saw that thumbnail of the dm video i dont know why i tought of the youtuber pokes face

    The Shitty ShowThe Shitty Show17 hours ago
  • I agree

    Rose CottleRose Cottle22 hours ago
  • Still I think James is a very good cook.

    Marissa AyalaMarissa AyalaDay ago
  • C477 brush😂😂

    Pavithraa Sree kumarPavithraa Sree kumarDay ago
  • When James said “❤️ B R E A S T S❤️” I actually said, “pRiZed pOseSsIoN?!?!”

    GloweeGloweeDay ago
  • Gordon Ramsey is quaking!!!

    Super StarSuper StarDay ago
  • I love how he does that thing when he says chicken "breasts" hehe

    Alyssa CoxAlyssa CoxDay ago
  • omg i love how there's a sticker of flashback mary on his laptop

    Josie WallisJosie WallisDay ago

    Ariana LaraAriana LaraDay ago
  • Keep up the great work james! ❤️

    MouseMouseDay ago
  • Wow

    Amina BassaAmina BassaDay ago
  • buttermilk is milk and a little bit of lemon juice

    Eva Nelson-TorresEva Nelson-TorresDay ago
  • i feel like it was a bad idea to watch this video while i am fasting

    Mayasa AlmansouriMayasa AlmansouriDay ago
  • “A cooking brush” that killed me 😭😭😭

    Ashley MirandaAshley MirandaDay ago
  • james and ryland adams should do a cooking video togetherr

    maya kustramaya kustraDay ago
  • I wish bretman was also here

    random personrandom personDay ago
  • It's so Nice to si someone use a Brown egg

    Nina RamšakNina RamšakDay ago
  • He dont like mayonnaise but likes Coleslaw 🤣

    Productiv PillProductiv PillDay ago
  • you know he can't cook when he relates blending eyeshadow to mxing with a whisk -

    oliviaolivia2 days ago
  • I got chu I don’t like the sauce either😌😂

    Brianna VillagomezBrianna Villagomez2 days ago
  • “Chicken ❤️ b r e a s t s ❤️ “

    SparkleEye StudiosSparkleEye Studios2 days ago
  • are you ### James Charles

    Carly MackCarly Mack2 days ago
  • I newly found Canes cuz a friend got me a gift card and OMG!! IM OBSESSED ASWELL NOW lol

    Vivian BarillasVivian Barillas2 days ago
  • Just put the bread in a toaster and salted butter and boom

    Holly MorganHolly Morgan2 days ago
  • Are you sure you are a girl ?

    Dominykas DominykasDominykas Dominykas2 days ago
  • White eggs are bleached there can be eggs brown red dark brown and sometimes even a really light green and other colours

    Gentry GlennGentry Glenn2 days ago
  • The way he drank the lemon juice, i thought i only did that. And the reaction he had after tasted it😁😂😂😂😂

    Thembeka GcabaThembeka Gcaba2 days ago
  • wait, did he use a whole bottle of oil?

    Lily XxLily Xx2 days ago
  • my spanish ass when he was questioning if he could use olive oil to fry things 👁👄👁

    Eduard Quiñones HernandezEduard Quiñones Hernandez2 days ago
  • When at 40secs he said “we love you Claire” and ur name is Claire, like why thank you James!

    Claire BartelsClaire Bartels2 days ago
  • James looks so happy to drink some of the lemon juice until he actually does lol

    Grace KeehnGrace Keehn2 days ago
  • Your oil is too hot😂

    Gabbie LuzungGabbie Luzung2 days ago
  • You cannot add butter and milk to create a buttermilk😂😂

    Gabbie LuzungGabbie Luzung2 days ago
  • Kinda saw it coming he was gonna burn the chicken lol

    Skylar SnowwSkylar Snoww3 days ago
  • James:were making our DRY ingredients Soundaffects:PloP Me:huH????????

    Stephanie ColemanStephanie Coleman3 days ago
  • I know how to make buttermilk all u have to do is mix vanilla extract and lemon juice into your usual milk

    Isobel HallIsobel Hall3 days ago
  • James: There is a lot of smoke in here Me: That's called steam

    AnnaAnna3 days ago
  • Gordon ramsay is quacking

    this Is my shiteuthis Is my shiteu3 days ago
  • OMG I love Cane's!! If you haven't had it girl you are totally missing out

    Kristen MayKristen May3 days ago
  • I just love how the editing is soooooo entertaining!! I love that he has opened up a lot to us! Love you sister!❤️❤️

    Angelina GardnerAngelina Gardner3 days ago

    Emma SavilleEmma Saville3 days ago
  • Is no one gonna talk abt how the bartender girl went like ` ` Fun right? ` ` LMAOOOO IM DYING

    Dylan FrankDylan Frank3 days ago
  • I like cooketh James

    It’s Lauren!It’s Lauren!3 days ago
  • There’s sauce is nasty bc I also don’t like mayo and my brothers are like I don’t know this person anymore

    Nayeli nNayeli n3 days ago
  • omg yes I love Claire I like the video where she tried to make talks and Reese's and Star burst and doritos

    i.am.summer !i.am.summer !3 days ago
  • I’m a new subscriber and your videos are amazing love you

    Jullian ChristieJullian Christie3 days ago
  • Don't forget to use code James to get 10% off

    Alina BishopAlina Bishop3 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="220">3:40</a> and <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="235">3:55</a> what is the name of this sound clip??

    TooOldForThisTooOldForThis3 days ago
  • James Charles liked my comment but youtube deleted it :(

    Mad CatMad Cat3 days ago
  • Love your cooking teach me how pls

    Madeline MerrittMadeline Merritt3 days ago
  • This is my exact saying when I heard canes “🤤 mom can we go to canes

    Eli sambarEli sambar3 days ago
  • James off camera after putting the chicken in the pot (I finally did something right )but then he burns the food me(James)

    Chelsea BurdenChelsea Burden3 days ago

    yasmeen Osamayasmeen Osama3 days ago
  • holy buckets you grew so 2 million so fast

    Amy GladeAmy Glade3 days ago
  • I want to buy the sisters hoodie and matching joggers soo badd i am saving like maddd

    Ruby xoRuby xo3 days ago
    • Awe, they are sold out. I shouldve known 🤦🏼‍♀️💔

      Ruby xoRuby xo3 days ago
  • James it's pronounced "wu-ster" sauce, not "wu-ster-shire"

    Salpen9Salpen94 days ago
  • Can you please do another tiktok reaction video

    Isabella SanchezIsabella Sanchez4 days ago
  • Wershershires sauce I think is steak sauce sorry for the spell

    Randi RupleRandi Ruple4 days ago
  • Me sitting here 15 years old and know how to bake since I was 8

    Baby YodaBaby Yoda4 days ago
  • I love you sis

    Ray BanRay Ban4 days ago
  • james' editor must be such an amazing person! my fav videos are when people behind the camera truly stand out! :)

    Vibrxnt ViviiVibrxnt Vivii4 days ago
  • Plz try to cook Mac and cheese plz

    Emily Anne 89Emily Anne 894 days ago

    Zoey OdumZoey Odum4 days ago
  • Hey James!! Just wanted to let you know you can make butter milk by adding a teaspoon of lemon juice for every cup of milk!! Ps. Love you!❤️

    Bella BarnettBella Barnett4 days ago
  • James:we don’t have vegetable oil Me:I mean they both are vegetables so...😂

    CamilaC903CamilaC9034 days ago