Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored - Season 6 Episode 2 - Full Episode

Apr 24, 2019
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In Denver, Colorado, a restaurant owner staunchly maintains that his pizza is the best in the city based on a 30-year-old review designating it so, but the reality is that the local residents prefer store-bought pizza to his pies.

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    Latchman MangraLatchman MangraHour ago
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    Julio BeltranJulio Beltran6 hours ago
  • I’ll have to give him some credit for making the cheese gooey most restaurants don’t do that for what I’ve seen

    SoulRepearGDSoulRepearGD7 hours ago
  • Not to defend Pete's food, but honestly i would absolutely demolish the calzone and the Pizza and probably have room for more

    James ZarateJames Zarate8 hours ago
  • How can you be that Fucking stupid!!!

    univibe23univibe2311 hours ago
  • “I’ll let you take that in” 💀😂

    SablinitySablinity13 hours ago
  • I'm disagreeing with you

    Cole StogsdillCole StogsdillDay ago
  • When he said he'll bet his pizza is better than anyone in the county and I was thinking little Ceasars pizza looks better than his and that shit is nasty

    chris oglechris ogleDay ago

    SasqeSasqeDay ago
  • "oh shut up"... I'm convinced thats the only thing this guy said the entire episode

    Brian McelligottBrian McelligottDay ago
  • *pizza comes out* Chef: *poking* "see? Perfect." Pizza: *squelching*

    aidhogaidhogDay ago
  • If they kook so good, why need Gordon help ??

    Alberto RecalcatiAlberto Recalcati2 days ago
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    agdrt kgyfdagdrt kgyfd2 days ago
  • his pizza looks like shit OMG

    Evan KuEvan Ku2 days ago
  • Bro they just sat here and roasted their dad/grandpa/husband for 45 mins and it was fucking hilarious

    DylanDylan2 days ago
  • When Gordon says your food looks like a diaper, you know you're about to get it.

    mason millermason miller2 days ago
  • Why couldn't Mrs Pete go to Vegas???

    Private CitizenPrivate Citizen2 days ago
  • Ive eaten gas station pizzas better than that shit

    Just a Malfunctioning AIJust a Malfunctioning AI2 days ago
  • When pete said gordon was a kid when he started cooking gordon was probably about almost 20

    PatrickStar FnPatrickStar Fn3 days ago
  • Why does he look like he is a pope?

    Rusame fangirl number 1Rusame fangirl number 13 days ago
  • His poor son clearly wants to be proud of the food he cooks but Pete just won’t let him do his thing, which would save the restaurant!

    Vivien MartinVivien Martin3 days ago
  • Me: ooo I like those portions Gordon: portions are way too big Me: yea that’s way too much food

    Vivien MartinVivien Martin3 days ago
  • If Gordon Ramsay doesn't earn Times Person of the Year award soon after they've literally given it to Hitler I don't know what to say. 1938 ya boi Adolph. 1939 ya boi Stalin.

    Steve WatsonSteve Watson3 days ago
  • Pete had the best attitude of anyone I've seen handed their $#!& on this show.

    Brandy ChewningBrandy Chewning3 days ago
  • The thin crust pizza: *Has raw dough, soggy, and it overfilled with oil and gunk* Pete: Mm, delicious

    Acer The Edge LordAcer The Edge Lord3 days ago
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    Danielle ClarkDanielle Clark4 days ago
  • Things That Will Never Happen: •Queen Elizabeth's Death •Racism Will End •The End of Karens •Gordon Ramsey's Runs Out of Insult Dear Reader, If you went this far through the comment, congratulations! You wasted your time!🎉🎉

    T ThaoT Thao4 days ago
  • Drinking game any time Pete I disagree with you you do a shot

    Total Drama TylerTotal Drama Tyler4 days ago
  • I've had better looking pizza at a bowling alley than what poor Gordon was subjected to....and the bowling alley pizza literally made me sick, my stomach was a warzone for almost a frick that bowling alley pizza. Side Note: Paulette is such a wonderful human being, and the son is a lil bit cute.

    Lorelei CatherineLorelei Catherine4 days ago
  • Watching this episode makes me have hope for their restuarant. I think they can do better now and I hope his pizza does become Denver's best

    yrduncle sansyrduncle sans4 days ago
  • FBI: lPete.. your mother died” Pete: “I disagree with you”

    • *Mother is resurrected*

      AuburnedYouAuburnedYou3 days ago
  • 21:49 its evolving just backwards....

    Amos PetersAmos Peters5 days ago
  • *just shat ap*

    • Yomiko •• Yomiko •5 days ago
  • I've never been in the restaurant business but can I ask, how hard is it, given that your entire menu has changed, to simply follow the recipe??? You're already skilled at the biz, just go!

    CrazyJayBeCrazyJayBe5 days ago
  • Put you pizza up against pizza hut

    TrillionPlaysTrillionPlays5 days ago
  • 1:01

    Sergio MartinezSergio Martinez5 days ago

  • pete: broncos the best team ever 2021

    Angel HernandezAngel Hernandez5 days ago
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    Frank HarrisFrank Harris5 days ago
  • BRUH you want to close the restrant just so you can watch football

    Thomas HaileThomas Haile5 days ago
  • My man orders a calzone and takes one mushroom out to judge the entire dish 😂

    Jack Humm91Jack Humm915 days ago
    • i mean he did say everything in the inside is cold and pulled out a raw onion

      Alex J.GAlex J.G4 days ago
  • This place is still going strong and Pete will come out of the kitchen and take a picture with anyone

    Hego DamaskHego Damask6 days ago
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    Ileana QuinnIleana Quinn6 days ago
  • I feels bad for the waiters or waitresses because they can’t do anything about the food, and they are great at there job most of the time and the chefs are rude to them when they give bad feedback even though it’s not their fault.

    Ghostly GhoulGhostly Ghoul6 days ago
  • Truly doing God’s work....

    Inverted 311Inverted 3117 days ago
  • Just the sweetest little waitress ever....

    Inverted 311Inverted 3117 days ago
  • Pete sound like gru from despicable me

    Rickey PeeplesRickey Peeples7 days ago
  • don't ever talk back to gordon because crap will go down im telling y'all 😂

    Neko EditsNeko Edits7 days ago
  • "Pete, your apron's on fire" "Oh shut up, I disagree with you."

    Sassy TangerineSassy Tangerine7 days ago
  • His antics when he's playing with his food are just entertainment, but his serious discussions with the owners don't seem too rude. He's direct, but his choice of words and how he pays attention to how they feel shows he's still trying to negotiate.

    CardCaptor32584CardCaptor325847 days ago
  • celestina is so FUCKINF CUTE AND SWEET

    NattyNatty7 days ago
  • gabe can get it 🥺🥺

    NattyNatty8 days ago
  • The pizza kinda looking good tho ngl

    BoomSickleBoomSickle8 days ago
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    Frank HarrisFrank Harris8 days ago
  • Me: the calzone doesn’t look that bad Gordon: disgusting Me: disgusting

    OwlPuddle 0OwlPuddle 08 days ago
  • dude even the bee doesnt like ur food

    jaylisa123 mwajaylisa123 mwa8 days ago
  • Pete: This is the thin crust pizza. The pizza: *As big as his ego*

    Acer The Edge LordAcer The Edge Lord8 days ago
  • If that meatball pizza wasn't so gooey looking and greasy I probably would pay for it.

    juniper890juniper8909 days ago
  • DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS PLACE... The owner is rude, childish, and the food is completely disgusting

    Asha NicoleAsha Nicole9 days ago
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    Adam HermistonAdam Hermiston10 days ago
  • Gordon : “can you change?” Pete : “no” Gordon : “do I have your commitment to change?” Pete : “100%!”

    JOHNizSiKJOHNizSiK10 days ago
  • woah this was wholesome

    Lionel MuenchLionel Muench10 days ago
  • Pete’s quote: I disagree with you

    Harrison RothHarrison Roth10 days ago
  • I absolutely love all of the waiters and waitresses in these

    Freakysalmon 31Freakysalmon 3110 days ago
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    Chris GeorgeChris George10 days ago
  • This episode was refreshing after crazy Amy 🤣

    Jennie SouthworthJennie Southworth10 days ago
  • I'm going to Denver in Febuary maybe I should give this place a try

    Jayden sanchezJayden sanchez11 days ago
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    Maronmikhail SorianoMaronmikhail Soriano11 days ago
  • I feel like a world eater would take one look at our planet take Gordon and nope out from the rest of the planet just because of all this restaurants XD

    the minecraft kid valeezthe minecraft kid valeez11 days ago
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    Julia LoraJulia Lora11 days ago
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    Heloiza FreitasHeloiza Freitas11 days ago
  • Thank you my darling

    IlkIlk11 days ago
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    Yash FradkinYash Fradkin11 days ago

    meow's worldmeow's world11 days ago
  • I've had better cat food 👀😹

    Jennie SouthworthJennie Southworth11 days ago
  • When your pizza's so bad your wife divorces you.

    JoJo12 days ago
  • 26:59 bruh was disgusted😂

    obi oguhobi oguh12 days ago
  • The private planes engines stop. Pete: I disagree with you *engine restarts*

    JedstrainsJedstrains12 days ago
    • Lol

      YeetMemes14 EYeetMemes14 E12 days ago
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    Dianne MasonDianne Mason12 days ago
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    Karen MorganKaren Morgan12 days ago
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    Karen MorganKaren Morgan12 days ago
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    Lea GonzalesLea Gonzales13 days ago
  • Comment ratio 75% some “I disagree” joke 10%wholesome comments 15% something related to the waitress

    Taha MohammadTaha Mohammad13 days ago
  • I love how the ending is happy. Pete actually changes and it puts a smile to my face

    Taha MohammadTaha Mohammad13 days ago
  • I love how everyone except pete is sensible. The wife seems done with her husband, the son or whatever the second chef(the dude named Justin) seems irritating with Pete’s bullshit and the waitress seems super sweet as if she knows the experience is shit and is trying to make the experience better.

    Taha MohammadTaha Mohammad13 days ago
  • “oh shut up”

    XephyyXephyy13 days ago
  • Doctor: you have cancer Pete: I disagree with you Cancer: goes away

    GenericsGenerics13 days ago
  • What happen to the cute girl she quite or something?

    Jonathan FalkowskiJonathan Falkowski13 days ago
  • I feel like me just boiling water is better than Pete’s pizza according to Gordon’s review lol

    Nelly MartinezNelly Martinez13 days ago
  • nice waiter

    Adrian BociAdrian Boci13 days ago
  • Low key, I want to eat that pizza.

    its_too_cloutits_too_clout13 days ago
  • everyone talks about him disagreeing has to be a meme, but seriously none for him being proud of his meatball

    FunkyCichyFunkyCichy14 days ago
  • My man just straight up doesn't have taste buds

    ツParkingSpotツParkingSpot14 days ago
  • that waitress in Pete's diner is really cute

    Don JamesDon James14 days ago
  • anyone got an idea what brand that store bought frozen pizza was XD it looked good

    Nuclear ReactionNuclear Reaction14 days ago
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    cathay aircathay air14 days ago
  • i could make bettter pizza rolls than this man :)

    YyhrvaYyhrva14 days ago
  • The other restaraunts in the outro is more sucks than the panteleone's

    bleedingearsbleedingears14 days ago
  • I can't believe Ramsey didn't do anything about that hideous Sign/Awning the restaurant has. It looks like it's a Dentist's office FFS!! I can't be the only one who sees that.

    KDR GamingKDR Gaming14 days ago
  • Pete: all he tastes, is fancy, stuff, Gordon: *is eating horrible food from different restaurants for kitchen nightmares*

    Peter ZPeter Z14 days ago
    • Gordon tortures himself in these episodes for our entertainment he is definetely a brave man

      TheBadSantaTheBadSanta7 days ago