Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored - Season 6 Episode 2 - Full Episode

Apr 24, 2019
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In Denver, Colorado, a restaurant owner staunchly maintains that his pizza is the best in the city based on a 30-year-old review designating it so, but the reality is that the local residents prefer store-bought pizza to his pies.

  • I'd eat those pizzas... I'm also a goat that lives on the side of a mountain

    Codie BunniCodie BunniHour ago
  • Fuck meh, i mean wtf is that pizza. Here in italy that pizza would be considered as an abortion

    Loris LazazzaraLoris Lazazzara4 hours ago
  • where the fuck is THE LAME SAUCE lmafo

    Carson FrantzisCarson Frantzis7 hours ago
  • Lol siestas are a SOUTHERN European thing like Spain Italy and Greece

    M DM D11 hours ago
  • 16:53 Had me dying 😂

    Carson CarterCarson Carter12 hours ago
  • I would love to be the sound effects engineer... seems like they use the same sounds over and over.

    Micah FarrisMicah Farris12 hours ago
  • its incredible how all this channels video is 43 minutes long....

    MetalysisMetalysis13 hours ago
  • "Oh shut up" -Pete 2013

    votedplanetvotedplanet14 hours ago
  • the waitress is so cute

    prick swprick sw14 hours ago
  • Ive been wondering when one of the restaurant gonna put a food poisoning in thier food to kill gordon. 🤨

    youglitch TPGyouglitch TPG14 hours ago
  • smartass like most greeks at least his pizza looks better than his face XD

    Antony WolfenAntony Wolfen15 hours ago
  • When the wife said "I am your partner, you always haven’t been mine but I’ve been yours" I felt that

    YuzawoobYuzawoob21 hour ago
  • Can i just point out that it doesn't matter how many years you say you did something, if it's bad then it bad. Literally no one gives a fuck if you've been doing something for 40+ years.

    Sourour -Sourour -22 hours ago
  • Am I the only one who thinks Gabe os kinda cute like

    Daniel CanizDaniel Caniz23 hours ago
  • celestina is the cutest on this show, ever

    Nick WNick WDay ago
  • I feel bad for him tho, he watched his family say they are willing to leave him, I know he’s stubborn but to watch your family say that must be heartbreaking, he looked like he was about to cry

    MarcoPlays YTMarcoPlays YTDay ago
  • He is not British, HE IS FREAKING SCOTTISH !

    SwaggieSwaggieDay ago
  • Her face when she said “imma let you take that in” is just scary looking

    Shadow Animation'sShadow Animation'sDay ago
  • Customer: The food is okay.. Pete: øh shut üp

    Esmeralda GarciaEsmeralda GarciaDay ago
  • The way ol’ Pete talks to his wife is horrible. I’d feed him broken glass.

    Christine PattisonChristine PattisonDay ago
  • That waiter is kinda cute 🤤

    Lewis KheeLewis KheeDay ago
  • *Pete commits a mass murder on camera* Judge: we have evidence of u committing a murder. Pete: I disagree with u Judge: I will not tolerate your foolery and- Pete: Oh shut up, I don’t wanna hear it

    Lewis KheeLewis KheeDay ago
  • *Pete gets shot multiple times* Cops: fucking willy diddly Pete: 😑

    Lewis KheeLewis KheeDay ago
  • Just wait until he retires then his son and grandson can change it :D

    PrexusPrexus2 days ago
  • Gordon: Pete, you’re in denial Pete: I disagree with you Gordon: that’s what denial is Pete: I disagree with you

    Sgt Dumpled3rpSgt Dumpled3rp2 days ago
  • I like turtles

    Isaiah BlueIsaiah Blue2 days ago
  • “I disagree with you “

    aws0mness365aws0mness3652 days ago
  • Lmao how’d he get 10% 😂😂

    Lakshmi AchutaLakshmi Achuta2 days ago
  • Nobody: All the staff in every episode : he/she needs to hear this

    xxSupreme RobloxxxxSupreme Robloxx2 days ago
  • At least everybody came out happy :)

    Good guy DamonGood guy Damon2 days ago
  • Wth was going on with Ramsey's left ear on his last confessional at the end there.

    Lasna34Lasna342 days ago
  • who would win: A professional chef with years of training and owning multiple restaurants with one of the best foods in the world: or one old stubborn greek guy:

    Random humanRandom human2 days ago
  • No one can out pizza the hut.

    Jack LeBeauJack LeBeau2 days ago
  • Sponge bob has made the same krabby patty and it does well

    RcTruzinRcTruzin2 days ago
  • “He’s gonna go to heaven today.” Oh he’ll go to heaven alright.

    Edon UkajEdon Ukaj2 days ago
  • I disagree with you on that

    Robert AinsworthRobert Ainsworth2 days ago
  • Well he going to go to heaven to day ,,..Pete poison pizza

    mug of teamug of tea2 days ago
  • Hold on, the fuck? Is this guy serious? He literally named his restaurant "Trousers". Sure he spelled it different to look "cooler" but trousers in greek is panteloni. He is greek and thought nobody would notice? Lmao

    Kizaru KizaruKizaru Kizaru2 days ago
  • How gordon Ramsey handles this stupid owner i want to punch that fucking owner

    samar shresthasamar shrestha2 days ago
  • That pizza looks like a myocardial infarction ready to happen

    Monam SaleemMonam Saleem3 days ago
  • Who eats pizza e with a knife and fork😱😱😒

    Danae HarrisDanae Harris3 days ago
  • Why there are so many clowns?

    Temudzhin ZhamievTemudzhin Zhamiev3 days ago
  • Your pizza, your story.

    Christopher PerryChristopher Perry3 days ago
  • I’m so childish, I laughed when Pete said ‘everyone loves my meatballs’

    L8JL8J3 days ago
  • th e s erv e r th o

    ddl34ddl343 days ago
  • "I thought my heart stopped" lmfao

    Ivan SantoyoIvan Santoyo3 days ago
  • Guys, I'm starting to get the feeling that Pete disagrees with him.

    Mark Howard GanzonMark Howard Ganzon3 days ago
  • Fifteen minutes in... and my forehead is already scarlet red because of all the times I slapped it in despair and anger against Pete’s disillusion, arrogance and ignorance... EDIT: seven minutes after, my whole face just fell of my skull... 28:10 OH COME ON!!! Really?? Fuck you Pete. 29:20 God I hope so too Josh... I really do... 31:05 keep it on Gordon. I’m starting to feel empathy for Pete. And that was not going to be easy. 37:08 I knew it... 40:23 Yeah! Go for it guys! I always knew you could do it Pete!... -L- 41:36 Ooooww Pete 😌 In other words: the best example for a good Kitchen Nightmares episode!!! 😂

    Killme LemmyKillme Lemmy3 days ago
  • I think Pete is a nice guy he just wants to stay in the old times.

    Bird BoiBird Boi3 days ago
  • 11:46 by "he gonna go to heaven " does that mean he poisoned the food.... poor choice of words old man

    Glass of WaterGlass of Water3 days ago
  • Not best pizza in Denver, it's best pizza on denver

    OverLord-Cheez_Bite 93OverLord-Cheez_Bite 933 days ago
  • This just shows that people can change 😀 Like in u agree! 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻

    Hayley HillsHayley Hills3 days ago
  • The waitresses are always pretty.

    BbqBoss ManBbqBoss Man3 days ago
  • 15:52 plot twist the fly was an actor

    Mr reactionMr reaction3 days ago
  • gordon rameasy ; your not the best owner; i disagree with u i disagree with u

    Gacha girl La la tee heeGacha girl La la tee hee4 days ago
  • Who thinks that Pete looks like Louis from the x factor

    leen alfarisleen alfaris4 days ago
  • 34:11 best jiggles in kitchen nightmare

    ざっかり・ザック Zackざっかり・ザック Zack4 days ago
  • Why does Pete sound like hes in tge room

    ThuggishCone 13ThuggishCone 134 days ago
  • Zero no no it’s way to big to be a zero

    Damien DrapeauDamien Drapeau4 days ago
  • whistlin willys does not approve of your zaaaaa~

    InASpiralStateInASpiralState4 days ago
  • I have plenty of people that love my meatballs. I love my meatballs. *Pete 2019*

    Meliodas The Demon KingMeliodas The Demon King4 days ago
  • gordon ramsay when the waitress told him that the pizza was the THIN crust: 👁👄👁

    gabbersgabbers4 days ago
  • all episodes have same templates.............its just the same script repeated again and again. some changes........

    neel patilneel patil5 days ago
  • I kind of have beef with the guy that said his meatball sub tasted like cat food because he was literally almost finished with it. I love Gordon Ramsay but I'm just saying be honest, you ate it all

    Ethan MooreEthan Moore5 days ago
  • Legend says that Pete is still disagreeing with Ramsey to this day

    Nicholas StavashNicholas Stavash5 days ago
  • *I disagree with you*

    Floofy ChillFloofy Chill5 days ago
  • Doctor: "Pete you have one day to live" Pete: "I disagree with you" Doctor: * dies the next day *

    Floofy ChillFloofy Chill5 days ago
  • I'm convinced that they put cat food in that meatball sub. ( ok I just saw the part where the guy said it I didn't see it before )

    Floofy ChillFloofy Chill5 days ago
  • I'd rather have the burnt crust that I get at one of my favorite pizza places than go here and have half the pizza be a loaf of bread

    Floofy ChillFloofy Chill5 days ago
  • "Chef Ramsay was a kid when i first started cooking" men Age really doesn't matter.

    John Vincent BucanegJohn Vincent Bucaneg5 days ago
  • Damn, Josh is hott.

    Dre FooDre Foo5 days ago
  • men i have a crush on the waitress Celestina

    John Vincent BucanegJohn Vincent Bucaneg5 days ago
  • 7:27 basically sums up the Greek economy...

    Sebastian LimSebastian Lim5 days ago
  • When there was a fly on the pizza and then he ate it i was gaging

    KawaiiunicornKawaiiunicorn5 days ago
  • Say what you will about Pete but when they all went outside he gave his chair to his wife without a word.

    Cactus PillowCactus Pillow5 days ago
  • this is fucking hilarius

    Emanuel RobertsEmanuel Roberts5 days ago
  • Ya know if Mr. Ramsey was drunk off his ass visiting these places at 1 or 2 A.M. Everything would be the greatest.

    Kyle WashingtonKyle Washington5 days ago
  • Gordon ramsay may be tough, but he has a really good heart.

    RavenFromTeenTRavenFromTeenT5 days ago
  • Watching American Episodes after watching UK episodes is so jarring. I hate the music, sound effects, over production & over-editing

    LezzerleeeLezzerleee5 days ago
  • I honestly can't get over just how fucking rude Pete is to his family and staff 😡

    Gabrielle Preston-FarrarGabrielle Preston-Farrar5 days ago