Everything You Didn’t Know About Shane Dawson’s Past.. *THIS IS BAD*

Jun 26, 2020
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Everything You Didn’t Know About Shane Dawson’s Past.. *THIS IS BAD*
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  • And he literally talked about child pornography. 🤮🤮

    Clo CrazeCartoonGalClo CrazeCartoonGalDay ago
  • the interneet

    shawnshawnDay ago
  • Omg the thing with the cat wtf ummmmmm

    Delirium DreamDelirium Dream2 days ago
  • *I used to love shane* *Oh how the tables have turned*

    Deaky vibes Are the best vibesDeaky vibes Are the best vibes2 days ago
  • Whose the lady talking in the video with Shane

    Xitlali IzelXitlali Izel2 days ago
  • He’s so gross!!!!

    Tina MarieTina Marie3 days ago
  • From : “SHANE WE LOVE U 😍” To : ew wt!f 🤢

    * Ari_Angelic.** Ari_Angelic.*3 days ago
  • i personally think we should forgive and forget about what he did it’s the past but if he does something like that again then i think we should be mad i’m just a Very forgiving person but anyways really nice video keep up the good work my friend

    yuno the yandereyuno the yandere4 days ago
  • Bruh this is actually disgusting. If anyone talked this this to me or my friends I would punch them so hard

    Anna GraceAnna Grace4 days ago
  • He is absolutely disgusting why am I subbed to him I am unsubscribing RIGHT NOW 😔😣

    Jessica KeenanJessica Keenan5 days ago
  • All of you that support the beauty community are puppets hahaha your all i d i o t s

    HyzukiHyzuki6 days ago
  • i feel bad for the cat. really bad :c

    valentina choivalentina choi7 days ago
  • What did he do to the cat? I understand what he said

    ukceleriukceleri7 days ago
  • puppets all of them.

    Hyena laughing matterHyena laughing matter7 days ago
  • Wait I’m confused weren’t they giving her the talk?.. they were tryina make her not get taken advantage of by her boyfriend. Or something idk uh

    UnderConstructionUnderConstruction8 days ago
  • James Charles doesn’t deserve to be pulled into all this. He gets enough hate as it is. He is young, and sensitive. He could possibly end it all any second.

    spaghetti lolspaghetti lol8 days ago
  • Beauty community should be known as the " Inter-connected group of the channel that makes drama when they need views under the facade of a beauty community".

    Somedude 09Somedude 098 days ago
  • R-r-roll💿Up⬆️to🧯the🔊party🎈with💊my🔋brand💫new🌟pink💟wig💇‍♀️

    Rubi M.Rubi M.9 days ago
  • yikes…

    𝙡𝙚𝙞𝙡𝙞𝙡𝙚𝙞𝙡𝙞9 days ago
  • Cant wait for my 12 year old son to say the n word and have his life ruined when he is 40

    carcar9 days ago
  • Birds and bees

    Dr CrxnkyDr Crxnky9 days ago
  • I remember watching some of these clips when I was like 12-14 years old. Not the racist ones, but the creepy ones. And from my point of view as a child I thought that because I was seeing Shane Dawson joking about it, that these were appropriate things for me and for everyone, to joke about. It makes me realise how easily influenced everyone is at that age and it’s important to set appropriate examples especially when your audience is primarily kids who don’t yet know right from wrong. I don’t think Shane should be cancelled unless anything illegal gets proven, but he should certainly be held accountable.

    MaseyMasey10 days ago
    • You're still easily influenced.

      AndyAndy4 days ago

    Emilianna CanadaEmilianna Canada10 days ago
  • Omg what the hell !!!!!!!! This is so disturbing !!!!! Plus he's friends with a furry named Kero...who fucks animals !!!!

    Crimson KingCrimson King10 days ago
  • At least James hit on boys his age straight or nah idgaf, I mean it’s not completely a right thing to do but his still angel compared to this people hitting on a minor disgusting Shane I knew what kinda person you are but no one believed me now they gonna kiss my ass and feet I knew what kind of person Jeffery was too no need to see a video When I see someone’s eyes I see their whole life and what kinda person they are, James Charles isn’t a bad person guys he’s not

    Harley QuinnHarley Quinn11 days ago
  • ok but talking to the 12 year old like that is weird unless you are the parent talking to your child about stuff if your child has been harassed

    ʙᴏᴛᴛʟᴇᴅ運命ʙᴏᴛᴛʟᴇᴅ運命12 days ago
  • That’s his past everybody needs to stop bringing up peoples past them making them depressed

    GG- JacobGG- Jacob12 days ago
  • Basically what used to be considered as a joke years ago is not a joke anymore. People don't find his appeal back then for having lewd humor cute...they find it disturbing. I knew that when he was Shanaynay and he had a black friend nicknamed "Black as shit" that something was going to give.....he was getting too comfortable with saying and doing whatever for comedic purposes.

    Bunny OfficialBunny Official12 days ago
  • I Stan Shane

    Hailey StirlingHailey Stirling12 days ago
  • Yeah but no one is ever cancelled so it’s all pointless like Shane has 21 mil sub and is still a millionaire so it’s pointless bc no one has ever been cancelled it’s just a dumb internet trend

    AlexlilyAlexlily12 days ago
  • I’m sorry but- Is THAT PRIMINK THAT EXPOSED HIM? I Stan!!

    Violet RoyalViolet Royal12 days ago
  • Who edited this video? Wtf are with the cuts in audio. Feel like my autism is getting worse :(

    Afro JonesAfro Jones12 days ago
  • I just love how all these USkeysrs are so politically correct these days and they're ALL above Shane and his old videos as if they weren't there watching and laughing not saying a thing but BOOM as soon as there's controversy with past actions, quotes, videos they all say how wrong that USkeysr is and how distasteful it was and how they were wrong to do it EVEN IF THAT PERSON HAS APOLOGIZED MULTIPLE TIMES FOR THEIR PAST and their content is absolutely nothing like the "bad" content. SMDH. Gah forbid "cancel culture" can't stop being a hypocritical twats and stop crying about shit that has been addressed and delt with and keep bringing shit up and stirring the pot just because theyre offended because they saw it now and not 10 fucking years ago even though there was/are videos from years ago with apologizes. All y'all are fake as fuck and just jump on the bandwagon because that's what sheeple do.

    Demi HogueDemi Hogue12 days ago
  • Dangelo Wallace has a very in depth video on why Shane should stay canceled, I advise everyone to go watch it if you want to know more about how sick this man is .

    P XP X13 days ago
  • I wish I can personally put Roman candles up his sick ass😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    Tracey HardingTracey Harding13 days ago
  • All of these USkeys drama channels should be cancelled.

    logiconelogicone13 days ago
  • i just think it’s funny that y’all LOVED shane before you found out about his past which he made an unsolicited apology for 5 years ago because he realized by himself that he was wrong for it. the way that everyone loved him so much without knowing or acknowledging what he did in his past rlly shows that he genuinely has changed since then. and i understand one apology doesnt make everything better but one thing abt someone’s PAST comes up and y’all are quick as hell to cancel them and everyone associated with them.

    dia mariedia marie14 days ago
  • This is horrible, this is predatory behavior for kid porn.

    spice teaspice tea14 days ago
  • Just look at him, I got bad vibes when I first saw him sitting so damn close to his camera looking creepy af

    Brandon EisenhauerBrandon Eisenhauer14 days ago
  • What about Lisbug? She was involved with the conversation with the 12 year old. And though I believe 55% of the video of Shane was ok.I talk to my oldest niece about this, but I don't use examples and make sure no ones around.. Just that is fucking disgusting. I never saw that exact video. Nor the omegle video. Or maybe i did? But wtf is wrong with him.

    Damian MartinezDamian Martinez14 days ago
  • I always thought they had a weird look to them. Shane and jeffry both have that look. Ive always been scared of them.

    codycody14 days ago
  • So many ❄️❄️ in 2020 smh..

    Eli OrozcoEli Orozco14 days ago
  • He is a CREEP

    Sinnese BrownSinnese Brown14 days ago
  • Sad that James didn’t do anything and he’s sucked into this...everyone is always trying to start a scandal on him whether is true or not. SHANE DESERVES FULL RESPONSIBILITY😡

    Brooke AngelinaBrooke Angelina14 days ago
    • Yup James did not deserve any of this 😔

      Deaky vibes Are the best vibesDeaky vibes Are the best vibes2 days ago
    • !!!

      Luziia SalazarLuziia Salazar10 days ago
  • 😦

    Sandie FeutzSandie Feutz15 days ago
  • So I just thought of sum!!! So his ex gf used to get hate saying “she is 12” “she looks like a kid” and that was before they dated... maybe that’s why he dated her and then broke up when she actually started looking little bit older.....

    Cathryn KaneCathryn Kane15 days ago
  • This is messed up but also when I was a kid I had older people try and tell me about sex when I was a kid everyone trying to teach you how to be an adult or make jokes at you for not knowing. And alot of the creepy stuff he does is like part of his character like telling the girl to twerk and the penis shaped cookie I ain't saying it's right but Shane was always doing stuff like this ALWAYS

    Audrey DigiovannaAudrey Digiovanna15 days ago
  • Dog lovers are laughing rn

    〜Roblox.Tings〜〜Roblox.Tings〜15 days ago
  • Shout out to big daddy primink❤️❤️❤️❤️

    vlad tepesvlad tepes15 days ago
  • Okay I’m sorry but omegle is what that was used for. The amount of times I went on and would just get a screen of old man dick. That’s what the website was. If you’re seriously getting offended about shit he did while he was clearly unstable then unsubscribe and stop watching. But dragging him through the dirt when he already has said that when he was younger he made some inappropriate videos. It’s was fucking funny back then. Are we going to shame him for cross dressing too? Because it might be offensive to someone who’s trans. Get over yourselves.

    InsanityTreasonInsanityTreason16 days ago
  • Me then: being a fan Me now: not no more this is nasty gross why would you do that to your cat?!? And who would day that to a dam 12 year old!?!?

    1 nurom11 nurom116 days ago
  • Nobody gave a shit about it in 2009 when he was doing this shit people are annoying

    TaylerTayler16 days ago
  • I saw on tiktok that he was cancelled and I thought nothing of it, because I love Shane This scandal changes my whole prospective on shane. I genuinely can't believe I supported him.

    Teloiv RhalTeloiv Rhal16 days ago
  • yall are way too dramatic, Shane had a bad past but if you ever watched his videos you would've know that he actually changed

    İlayda Enverİlayda Enver16 days ago
  • ...

    Wither DemonstrongWither Demonstrong17 days ago
  • I’ll stick with my Estée Lauder....thanks !

    Lizzy BatsonLizzy Batson17 days ago
  • The one with the 12 year old isn’t bad they were just talking about adultary

    MeyertheGoat 1MeyertheGoat 117 days ago
  • canceling james was like a trend how do u get canceled because u promoted the wrong gummys lol

    CHARmation3CHARmation318 days ago
  • man, a few years ago i was seriously into his conspiracy videos and eventually i watched a lot of his vlogs. his videos made me laugh and happy, but seeing all of this proof of him being a disgusting person makes me sick. I can't see him the same way. And even if it was just him joking around or something, joking about that kind of stuff is offensive, and a good content creator who cares about their subscribers should be mindful of the fact that these things might be offensive to some of the people that watch their videos. All in all, what I'm saying is, joke or not, these are some really horrible things and I believe he should definitely be cancelled for it.

    Bailey GBailey G18 days ago
  • Dam the beauty community is have a drama war 😂 no offense 😶

    ImmortalWarGod__ -ImmortalWarGod__ -18 days ago