The Mighty Nein Roll Hit Points for Level 12

Jul 1, 2020
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The Mighty Nein leveled up after the events of Episode 99, so when the cast got together for our social-distance set's technical rehearsal they rolled some hit dice for LEVEL 12!
Join us this Thursday, July 2nd at 7pm Pacific for Critical Role Campaign 2, Episode 100 at:
Need a refresher? CR Historian Dani Carr is recapping the entirety of Campaign 2 over four parts this week. Check it out at:
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  • So that's why the characters seem so OP in terms of hit points. Didn't know they could reroll 1's for hp. Kinda detracts from the danger of monsters.

    Indy94445Indy944458 days ago
  • My level 12 wizard has 43 hit points...

    Chicken FingersChicken Fingers16 days ago
  • So glad they are finally bshowing this

    VDubVDub19 days ago
  • '1:12' If anyone wants some Gift Cards only consider make a search: ↠ *eGiftaholic* So happy it exists in 2020@ είναι ένα εργαλείο εργασίας για όλους

    Pankaj VardhanPankaj VardhanMonth ago
  • Ok but my GOD did you hear matts dice???? A legend

    tegyptetegypteMonth ago
  • suppose it'll, be fun to be a bit more surprised. :)

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnonMonth ago
  • "What does the DM get?" Rolls all the dice and adds the HP to some random Kobold somewhere in the world

    Rock girlRock girlMonth ago
  • "What does the DM get?" Rolls all the dice and adds the HP to some random Kobold somewhere in the world

    Ailsa NiAilsa NiMonth ago
  • We missed you too!!! 🤩

    Robin HiceRobin HiceMonth ago
  • "What does the DM get?" Rolls all the dice and adds the HP to some random Kobold somewhere in the world

    seeni gztyseeni gztyMonth ago
    • say. Do the whole thing over cuz I say so.

      Rock girlRock girlMonth ago
  • Gods I’ve missed them so much

    NamrylthNamrylthMonth ago
    • I have never been more happy to see random people I’ve only ever seen through a screen before in my entire life, happy tears, cast of critical role, happy tears

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiMonth ago
  • Working my way through Vox Machina ,(episode 8). Love that there’s more to come! Played a lot of Vampire the masquerade and a bit of exalted but never really hit upon Dnd until I noticed you guys during this fooked up pandemic. Loving it all! I’m now running a campaign for a few friends week 2 and I think I’ve been pretty generous as a DM . The shit won’t continue for ever geek brethren.. we will meet around tables soon..keep rolling natural 20s dudes...

    Mike NolanMike NolanMonth ago
  • I love the new set, still feels like they are sitting together. (Grammar, don’t judge me... been up all night)

    GermfreePizzaWI 1GermfreePizzaWI 1Month ago
    • Sam's quarantine hair is my spirit animal

      seeni gztyseeni gztyMonth ago
  • Cheers to everyone specially Laura: we have you back!!!

    Jorge BejaranoJorge BejaranoMonth ago
  • Critical Beards

    twidxtwidxMonth ago
  • I love how you put tap over the logo on the back of everyone's Microsoft surface, but it's still easy to tell that's exactly what they are.

    Bryan HolderBryan HolderMonth ago
  • What do we wanna bet that travis took 1 in warlock primarily because he can't decide which sacred oath to take?

    Daniel CopseyDaniel CopseyMonth ago
  • "What does the DM get?" Rolls all the dice and adds the HP to some random Kobold somewhere in the world

    sannio komisannio komiMonth ago
  • The one time it would've made sense for Matt to say "Is it Thursday yet?" Dammit Matt!

    mooximmooximMonth ago
  • Physical distancing, actually, because you are gathered socially.

    Edmundo de la GarzaEdmundo de la GarzaMonth ago
    • Oh gods I cried, why?

      sannio komisannio komiMonth ago
  • Oh, look, it's Ellie in Ashley Johnson form. I have been LOVING The Last Of Us 2.

    Barney Atkinson-SaulBarney Atkinson-SaulMonth ago
  • I love you people so frigg'n much.

    Bobby KaneBobby KaneMonth ago
  • Don't worry Liam, I know the pain. My sorcerer is Level 14 and has 110 HP after boosting my Constitution to 18. Good think I can Emperor Palpatine someone with Lightning Bolt lol

    Starcraftgamer97Starcraftgamer97Month ago
  • "What does the DM get?" Rolls all the dice and adds the HP to some random Kobold somewhere in the world

    Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiMonth ago
  • I do not agree with Travis' decision take a level of Warlock. Maybe after two more levels of Paladin, get a feat or something, then go back to Warlock, but not now. Change this, I say. Do the whole thing over cuz I say so.

    mrskribblemrskribbleMonth ago
  • I have never been more happy to see random people I’ve only ever seen through a screen before in my entire life, happy tears, cast of critical role, happy tears

    AllThings GoodAllThings GoodMonth ago
    • Quick little thing, i thought they where level 14?

      Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiMonth ago
  • Oh man i hoped that jester was going to take a level in warlock 😕

    SyrethSyrethMonth ago
  • Sam's quarantine hair is my spirit animal

    Alex LandonAlex LandonMonth ago
  • And so, the sad neglect of the crit role table began.

    Hole-Saw BearHole-Saw BearMonth ago
  • I can't wait to be able to add episodes of Critical Role back into my weekly plans. I have gone through a lot of depression in my life and recently started turning that around and I know I owe a large portion of that to Critical Role and the Fandom. It also even inspired me to start designing d&d themed shirts for sale.

    DougledoreDougledoreMonth ago
  • Can anyone talk about how talison and Sam swapped appearances

    NCcoreGamingNCcoreGamingMonth ago
  • For some reason I thought this was going to be a video about bowling. It’s not.

    Randell WayneRandell WayneMonth ago
  • Stop kissing your hands, god dang it! Be careful with the face touching!

    rwrf13rwrf13Month ago
    • Oh my gods 🔥🔥 I have missed these guys soooo much. 😢 I’m so fired up for their new episodes 🔥🔥🔥 I can’t wait ❤️

      roouit patanroouit patanMonth ago
  • God i love these weirdos

    Edward MichaelleEdward MichaelleMonth ago
    • I’m also hoping you’ll have an episode soon wearing face masks. It would speak volumes.

      roouit patanroouit patanMonth ago
  • when will episode 100 be out on youtube? I'm not able to be a subscriber on twitch so I haven't been able to see it yet

    Stephanie RzeszutekStephanie RzeszutekMonth ago
    • They said on Monday, so that would be tomorrow! Hope you'll enjoy! :)

      ChevaliersEmeraudeChevaliersEmeraudeMonth ago
  • Oh gods I cried, why?

    PizzaholePizzaholeMonth ago
  • "Why are we still doing this?" - Ashley Johnson (2020)

    AshNeo95AshNeo95Month ago
  • خدا ازت نگذره

    علیرضا بایندریعلیرضا بایندریMonth ago
  • Les Claypool. Please call Claypool to be a guest. 🙏.

    R.M. McCoyR.M. McCoyMonth ago
  • Why is sam trying to look like conan o'brian?

    JeffJeffMonth ago
  • Quick little thing, i thought they where level 14?

    Flatcap FedoraFlatcap FedoraMonth ago
    • Not sure where you got that idea.

      CR FanCR FanMonth ago
  • The wave at the end was adorable. XD

    GreenbloodLadyGreenbloodLadyMonth ago
  • I didn't realize I actually missed these fools. T-T MY CALLOUS HEART, WHAT IS THIS EMOTION

    oCARRIONooCARRIONoMonth ago
    • community and you guys seem like really cool people.

      bssni touirbssni touirMonth ago
  • This is why I always prefer to take the average when leveling up rather than rolling randomly. Nothing sucks worse than getting a 1 or 2.

    Tosh OmniTosh OmniMonth ago
    • @bssni touir Hi! So this is Critical Role, obviously! It's a bunch of people, voice actors for video games and animation, who just play Dungeons and Dragons weekly and stream it! And they got very popular doing so! But they've been off those last few months, because, well, you know, stupid freaking virus! But now they are getting back, with significant change so that they can respect social distancing at their table! As for "the girl on the bottom left", are you talking about our left or their left? I'll assume our left, and so I guess you are talking about the girl in the white shirt and the black hat there? That's Ashley Johnson! Particularly famous right now for doing the voice of Ellie in the "The Last of Us" game series. She's also have some non-voice actor experience under her belt (as in, she's been in a few live action stuff). Most recent she played the role of Patterson on the T.V. show Blindspot, and she's actually been in one of the MCU movie: The first Avengers movie (although it was a minor role, a waitress being saved by Captain America who later thanks him on news). She has a bunch of other stuff, I'm mostly naming how you may have recognized her, but you can check her wikipedia I guess! :)

      ChevaliersEmeraudeChevaliersEmeraudeMonth ago
    • What is this? And who is that girl on the bottom left? She looks familiar.

      bssni touirbssni touirMonth ago
  • Whats this about?

    Chu KaChu KaMonth ago
  • USkeys is biased for u. I never liked ur video, but u still was in my liked videos tab.

    Remco RitsemaRemco RitsemaMonth ago

    mort picklefeathermort picklefeatherMonth ago
  • Thought y’all was rolling joints yo see who rolls the best

    Johnny MendezJohnny MendezMonth ago
  • I’m also hoping you’ll have an episode soon wearing face masks. It would speak volumes.

    Casual MagicCasual MagicMonth ago
  • Oh my gods 🔥🔥 I have missed these guys soooo much. 😢 I’m so fired up for their new episodes 🔥🔥🔥 I can’t wait ❤️

    Ellen HøjmoseEllen HøjmoseMonth ago
  • joyous, thank you

    Aj MarkerAj MarkerMonth ago
  • Does anyone know how long after release it is uploaded to USkeys?

    LucklessPantherLucklessPantherMonth ago
    • @CR Fan You're a gem, thank you!

      LucklessPantherLucklessPantherMonth ago
    • Streams on Thursday, VOD uploaded to YT on Monday.

      CR FanCR FanMonth ago
  • These are all adults?

    Nathan HatfieldNathan HatfieldMonth ago
    • Yes, they are. Your point is...?

      EightThreeEightEightThreeEightMonth ago
  • kool

    African GirlAfrican GirlMonth ago
  • Laura's dice have never been safer

    Serum7sixSerum7sixMonth ago
  • It’s been so long since playing an rpg. We used to prefer playing the Marvel Heroes RPG....way way back.

    BoobaDooBoobaDooMonth ago
  • I was working Thursday, when will it be available on USkeys (Monday ?) Thanks in advance for replying 😁

    ducktapeducktapeMonth ago
    • Thank you

      ducktapeducktapeMonth ago
    • Monday, yes.

      CR FanCR FanMonth ago
  • Still sorta new to some mechanics of d&d, so if two rogues were using melee and flanking an enemy with each other, could they get sneak attack every time they hit because there’s an adjacent ally?

    Guy PersonGuy PersonMonth ago
  • What is this? And who is that girl on the bottom left? She looks familiar.

    Yummy DurianYummy DurianMonth ago
    • This is Critical Role, a web series where nerdy-ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons and Dragons. The lady in the bottom left is Ashley Johnson. She played Ellie in The Last of Us.

      EightThreeEightEightThreeEightMonth ago
  • Heard about Critical Role before and just saw this on trending. Seems like I'd have some catching up to do, but this looks like something I'd really enjoy! I can tell this is a nice community and you guys seem like really cool people.

    g moneyg moneyMonth ago
    • Welcome. :) It's a lot of content, but worth every moment.

      CR FanCR FanMonth ago
  • So my cat literally will howl all day until I turn on an episode of your wonderful show then she will curl up next to me groom herself and sleep.......this is my life

    Lonnie SmithLonnie SmithMonth ago
  • 7 people roll 1 die and it's #42 on trending 2 days after upload God I missed critical role

    Lachlan PaillardLachlan PaillardMonth ago
  • suppose it'll, be fun to be a bit more surprised. :)

    mijuo rouimijuo rouiMonth ago
  • Reminds me of the Brady Bunch a bit

    Dragon JamesDragon JamesMonth ago
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    nice jacknice jackMonth ago
    • I’m hope critical role gets more people into RPGs, this is even on trending

      mijuo rouimijuo rouiMonth ago
  • Yes your back we all missed you guys happy your all ok and safe and can't wait for episode 100

    andrew jessieandrew jessieMonth ago
  • The forced break will just make the return even sweeter.

    Stone MugStone MugMonth ago
  • Missed you guys ,glad you’ll be back

    jack gaylordjack gaylordMonth ago
  • What’s on Travis’ head?

    Ella MortyElla MortyMonth ago
    • Hair that is in desperate need of trimming.

      EightThreeEightEightThreeEightMonth ago
  • imagine if the dm got to level up ever enemy with all those dice.

    Javel ShadowJavel ShadowMonth ago
  • I guess is time to watch episode 99

    inFamousxableinFamousxableMonth ago
  • She looks like Ashley Johnson

    Randy AngelRandy AngelMonth ago
    • It IS Ashley Johnson.

      EightThreeEightEightThreeEightMonth ago
  • Anyone came just for Ashley Johnson?

    KirklandKirklandMonth ago
  • I’m a simple person, I see Ashley Johnson I click lol

    CheetoThiefCheetoThiefMonth ago
  • In the hiatus, I've had enough time to binge the entire first campaign, and *almost* catch up with where they are now. Might just have to watch the recap, don't think I can power through 10 episodes that fast.

    DJ_FuDJ_FuMonth ago
  • Travis: I'm taking a level in Warlock Me: *sighs* so no smite?

    W H E R E I S Y O P A R E N T SW H E R E I S Y O P A R E N T SMonth ago
    • @Андрей Котельников maybe roleplay purposes? Personally, I'd go an even 10 in each 🤷‍♂️ but he might be going for those 9th level spells

      W H E R E I S Y O P A R E N T SW H E R E I S Y O P A R E N T SMonth ago
    • He has smite it's level 2 paladin ability. and Fjord is 10 warlock 2 paladin. But I have no idea, why he doesn't use it.

      Андрей КотельниковАндрей КотельниковMonth ago
  • He looks like Jesus now

    CHartaTHisCHartaTHisMonth ago
  • Oh wow how cool would it have been if Fjord took a druid level

    1212 DanE1212 DanEMonth ago
    • Matt your hair looks awesome long! Keep it!

      sotuur aeeisotuur aeeiMonth ago
  • Wait, that’s Patterson from blindspot!

    Crooked StarCrooked StarMonth ago
    • prime to resub thanks to covid taking my job...

      sotuur aeeisotuur aeeiMonth ago
  • The best start to weekends!

    Melanie HPMelanie HPMonth ago
  • I’m hope critical role gets more people into RPGs, this is even on trending

    UncleFlimmyUncleFlimmyMonth ago
  • But staying not Game please let me know what.writing me Truth T for rolling on this email.

    Aung myominAung myominMonth ago
  • fifteen on trending bois!!!

    Conor MccannConor MccannMonth ago
  • Your "Show" would be watchable if it wasn't scripted.

    Fire FrogFire FrogMonth ago
    • LMAO Every time I see comments like this I can't figure out if it's more of a compliment to the cast or an indictment of the intelligence of the commenter. Go find your local community theatre and tell them you want them to write a new script for a 3-5 hour show every week and that you want to memorize each of those scripts and perform them every week. Don't have any other plans while waiting for them to stop laughing.

      CR FanCR FanMonth ago
    • don't you watch scripted shows? how sad

      Matheus D. RodriguesMatheus D. RodriguesMonth ago
    • How is it scripted?

      Alpha GustaAlpha GustaMonth ago
  • Taliesin and Sam swapped hairdos.

    bleachbleachBLEACHERbleachbleachBLEACHERMonth ago
  • Ashleigh is actually the voice actor For Ellie in The Last Of Us

    stylem2006stylem2006Month ago
  • Does anyone else wish they would show the whole leveling up process to us, like spells and traits picked and all.

    Needs More CowbellNeeds More CowbellMonth ago
  • Is episode 100 out on USkeys yet?? Can't seem to find it - and I'm getting real impatient😯😄🙆

    Cecilie Rebbelstam KjærCecilie Rebbelstam KjærMonth ago
    • It will post Monday. Or you can subscribe to their twitch feed, of course :)

      mcjacktwomcjacktwoMonth ago
  • Technically if they're from the same household, Matt & Marisha as well as Travis & Laura could be seated close to each other but I guess it doesn't hurt to follow their local guidelines.

    IcyAshIcyAshMonth ago
    • I think they are. Notice how the positions have changed from their usual spots.

      EightThreeEightEightThreeEightMonth ago
  • i'm patiently waiting for the USkeys upload

    Julian JacobsJulian JacobsMonth ago
  • Omg that's last of us person omg so epic

    theonlybosstheonlybossMonth ago
  • Oh thank God ya'all are back

    raymond carsonraymond carsonMonth ago
  • Did Yasha take a Feat or bump in stats?

    Ignacio AlonsoIgnacio AlonsoMonth ago
  • why not release episode 100 early for youtube. everyone has been waiting for so long. i unsubscribed from twitch, like many others, from the hiatus. I have to wait for my twitch prime to resub thanks to covid taking my job...

    Perceptious37Perceptious37Month ago
    • Because twitch has an exclusivity clause and because the people who have kept their subscriptions active to continue to support the show deserve to receive the main benefit of that subscription. Try going to the chat and see if someone will gift you a sub; they gifted something like $20k worth during the broadcast alone.

      CR FanCR FanMonth ago
  • Matt your hair looks awesome long! Keep it!

    Tony rinaldoTony rinaldoMonth ago
  • I'm so happy, but also a tad sad they level up so semi-quickly, as that means they'll reach level 20 so soon! haha. I want this to stay forever :D

    SanneSanneMonth ago
    • Matt is using Milestone leveling for this campaign, he's not counting XP like they did in the first campaign. Using milestones means that they'll level up when they finish important story arcs in the campaign, like brokering a tentative peace between the Empire and the Dynasty. They still have (supposedly) at least seven or eight major milestones to reach and many minor quests to finish, so I wouldn't worry about the campaign being over any time soon. I have a gut feeling that with The Nein constantly getting sidetracked from the the main plot by EVERYTHING, they are actually leveling up slower than they would if they were using the traditional XP-based leveling system.

      Shannis75Shannis75Month ago
  • suppose it'll, be fun to be a bit more surprised. :)

    sotuur aeeisotuur aeeiMonth ago
  • 15 on trending! Good for them

    Alex MilneAlex MilneMonth ago
  • May i just say i freaking LOVE what the beard is doing to Sam. Amazing

    Émilien Chainey-AudetteÉmilien Chainey-AudetteMonth ago
  • I have no idea what is happening and why people are rolling dice but this seems fun

    Blake BennettBlake BennettMonth ago
    • Elle!!!!!!

      sotuur aeeisotuur aeeiMonth ago