Jun 28, 2019
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Hey guys! I'm going to be doing a video on the types of sponsorships or products I'd probably never feature on my channel. In this video I'll also be discussing sponsorship do's and don'ts. Hopefully this will be helpful for consumers as well as up and coming or aspiring influencers, bloggers, etc. Enjoy!
I did this video inspired by Hey Paris here on youtube! bit.ly/2RKE9x5
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  • question: do i set shiny sunscreen w laura mercier powder? primer before or after sunscreen? its impossible to layer anything on top of all nighter

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  • i know this vid is old but i feel like talking about not doing flat tummy teas would have been a really good opportunity to call those brands out for the fact that theyre promoting unhealthy lifestyles & educate people. taking laxatives frequently to lose weight is a form of eating disorder. not only is it promoting the horrible message that skinnier is better but also it introduces younger people into eating disorder culture blanketed as a health kick.

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  • Actually, the ADA seal is on some teeth whitening kits. That means it's certified safe. And I get the sensitive ADA approved kits. Always try to use ADA approved stuff when it comes to more than just toothpaste.

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